Simon Dalley

Simon Dalley - SEO ConsultantMy name is Simon Dalley, I’m a seo consultant, search marketer, digital consultant, finding strategist (and many things in between) and for my sins, the founder of GrowTraffic.

What is search marketing?

Search marketing is what I do. It’s what I’m really passionate about. I know site visuals are important and make all the difference (and visuals now factor into seo), that’s why I push the designers I work with to be truly brilliant, however as a seo consultant two things are always key to me, the websites usability and how a search engine will interact with it. Ultimately, there is a massive convergence here.

What’s a Finding Strategist

Although search marketing (SEO & PPC) is still the core of everything I do there has been a shift in the way that people use the internet over the past few years, just think social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter didn’t even exist a few years back and now they command a considerable percentage of internet usage, mobile peneration is growing at a rate of knots and this also changes how we perceive the internet user and conversely how the internet user understands a business online. As a finding strategist my role is to review every possible route a user can take to find a website, it is in my capacity as a SEO consultant that this really shines through.

Simon’s internet marketing experience

I’ve developed a breadth and depth of experience in online marketing over the years in both B2B and B2C organisations, helping a diverse range of organisations with online marketing from automotive manufacturers, automotive resellers to publications, hosting providers, debt management companies, solicitors, sports clubs, hotel chains and many more, as most of the testimonials I have received will state, it’s my understanding as a SEO consultant that really adds value to a business.

Simon’s Background

I’m originally from Chorley, Lancashire, work in Preston and live near Bacup in Rossendale in the North West – however I’ve helped businesses grow traffic that converts throughout the UK. View my CV.

Amongst others, I also own the website SEO Auditing and Inbound Marketing Consultant site as well as my creative writing website and I’m working with a number of colleagues in the industry to get a new awards programme off the ground to reward excellence in digital application: The Digital Awards.

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If you’re looking for a consultant to discuss your search marketing and other internet marketing requirements and or headaches – give me a shout on 07411 420 740.

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