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The rights and wrongs of plagiarism and web design techniques

I sometimes think back to that old saying: “the only truly creative act was the first one, everything that followed was just copying, badly”. The internet is a funny old world of plagiarised and adapted content, we see so many websites that when we go from one to the other we are always thinking to ourselves consciously or subconsciously “I like that” or “I don’t like that”. Continue reading ‘The rights and wrongs of plagiarism and web design techniques’ »

Is the internet encouraging the growth of nationalism?

It’s a funny old world sometimes, this early part of the 21st century has seen a massive growth in nationalism, something I find fairly abhorent, recently I’ve started asking myself how much of a part I have to play in the increase in nationalism due to my role as as a seo consultant and online marketer. Continue reading ‘Is the internet encouraging the growth of nationalism?’ »

The Phony Recession: Are We About To Enter A Real Recession?

I’ve been thinking for a while now that things are happening around me that are giving me the sense that things aren’t quite what they are with the economy. These are my thoughts about the state of the economy and how this has been affecting me as a search marketing professional offering seo consultant services predominantly in the UK. It’s not just me either, I’ve been talking to a lot of business owners who offer business services to other business and they are all saying the same thing – that belts are being discreetly tightened. Continue reading ‘The Phony Recession: Are We About To Enter A Real Recession?’ »

Why is Google Changing The Way It Deals With Links? New Penguin Update?

You may already be familier with Google’s Patent that modifys the search results when they pick up an SEO technique  (if you’ve not take a look at SEO by the Sea). The new patent is essentially designed to confuse people using spamming techniques by making those techniques difficult to report on. Rand Fishkin in his private blog seems to suggest that this is solely based on link spamming, however having read the patent I’m nnot convinced this solely relates to links.  Continue reading ‘Why is Google Changing The Way It Deals With Links? New Penguin Update?’ »

Could the Olympics be good for Britain’s business community?

There’s been a lot of talk about how much the Olympics has cost us as a nation and there’s also a lot of talk about paying dividends in the future. I thought the argument of the Olympics paying off for London and the rest of Great Britain was a bit woolly to say the least. I’m now a convert.

Admittedly, this isn’t so much about search marketing, rather business, the Olympics and Britain’s place in the world. Saying that I am of course thinking about things from the perspective of a search marketer and SEO consultant which is already a very international business community with most of us having worked with organisations throughout the world.

Continue reading ‘Could the Olympics be good for Britain’s business community?’ »

A Social Media Case Study: The rise and fall of Digg

Betaworks recently bought the social listing website Digg the other week for a lowly $500,000, bear in mind the company was once estimated to be worth £160 million and Google is said to have offered the company £200 million in 2008 when is was the 24th most visited website in the world! Continue reading ‘A Social Media Case Study: The rise and fall of Digg’ »

Olympic Ambush Marketing as a Search Marketing Technique

Ambush marketing is a marketing technique in which businesses piggy back off the back of a major event, normally a sporting event, associating and positioning themselves as a sponsor of the event whilst not being an official sponsor. Continue reading ‘Olympic Ambush Marketing as a Search Marketing Technique’ »

Removing Malware from WordPress

Recently GrowTraffic has been hacked. Well to be honest it’s been hacked a couple of times and I wanted to share my experiences of how I’ve overcome it. Continue reading ‘Removing Malware from WordPress’ »

Why is duplicate content wrong?

I’m working with a client that publishes a number of magazines, they’ve been working in the offline sphere for a good number of years, they are expect at what they do in that sector however they are moving further and further into the online space and there are some issues arising with processes, knowledge and staff resistance. As a freelance seo consultant, I’ve seen this type of thing many times, change is always hard and it’s important to take the staff with you and empower them. I recently sent through an email to explain why duplicate content is a bad idea, this is an adapted version. Continue reading ‘Why is duplicate content wrong?’ »

When things don’t work out with clients

Sometimes in business things don’t work out, this is especially true when you’re working with a wide range of clients, from time to time the style of business or approach to work doesn’t quite gel and you have to hold your hands up and say it’s not going to work out.

I’ve learned over the years that I don’t have to take absolutely every client on board and in fact some client where I work with them would require such a different work process that it would be detrimental to my other clients. Continue reading ‘When things don’t work out with clients’ »