My 3 Most Hated Social Media Excuses!

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Obviously, as the expertly perfect and perfectly expert SEO that I am, I’ve been telling all my clients for ages and ages now to make sure they social media to the max in order to get their websites even vaguely near the top of the search engines. Fortunately, most of my clients are already on the same page with me about this, or are at least persuadable on the issue, but there are a few of them who will just not go with me on this one – and you know who you are, naughty clients!!! Read More

What’s All This About Negative SEO?

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I was planning to write a little blog post on Goole’s latest Penguin update and its influence on the good old backlink, but I’ve had one or two tweets in my twitter column over the past couple of days about the threat of Negative SEO so I thought, as the two are linked, I’d treat you to an article about that instead (with a heavy dose of Penguin and backlinks thrown in for good measure!). I know, don’t all thank me at once. Read More

I’ll Have Another Panda Please! Thoughts on Panda 4.0

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The crazy world of SEO was thrown into a state of panic on 20th May 2014, when Matt Cutts declared on his Twitter page that “Google is rolling out our Panda 4.0 update starting today”. Admittedly, I was on holiday when this sacred announcement was made, sipping a cocktail from the free bar whilst reclining by the pool, so the initial frenzy passed me by somewhat. I know what you’re thinking; ‘what relevance can the holiday have to the algorithm update’? It has none; I only mention it to make you jealous! Read More

How seo copywriting is changing due to Hummingbird, Semantic Search and Knowledge Graph

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I’ve been in the SEO game for a long time now and over the last few years the buzz words semantic search has been banded about, however it’s not until recently (post launch of hummingbird), that I’ve really come to see an impact, forcing me to pause to think about how this will change my role as a search marketer and in turn how I write content as an seo copywriter. Read More

Guest Blogging: It’s time to stop – Google says so

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Over the last few years there has been quite a push by Google to close down the loop holes us SEOs have been using. As a freelance seo consultant the mainstays of promoting a website for someone is the ability to create content and get it on another website in order to get a link back to the website you want to rank. Over the years the big G has got wise to this and has slowly but surely closed down many of these loop holes. Read More

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