Freelance SEO Consultant

Freelance SEO Consultant Simon DalleyMy name is Simon Dalley, I’m a freelance SEO consultant. If your website isn’t ranking high in the search engine results pages then it’s not reaching new audiences and is not gaining you new customers; ultimately, it’s losing you revenue. In today’s competitive market, even small to medium business owners can’t afford to rest on their laurels; your website needs to work hard and it needs to compete with the best.

If you’re at a loss with how to get your website to rank higher, then you need a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) consultant to show you where you’re going wrong and to give you helpful, constructive advice on how to remedy this.

So, if you can’t make head nor tail of the all the SEO advice out there on the net, and if you can’t afford thousands of pounds in a monthly retainer to a marketing company, then you probably need a Freelance SEO Consultant!

Here at GrowTraffic, SEO is what we do and, with the combined skills of Simon’s experience as a freelance seo expert and Rachel’s search orientated copywriting, we pride ourselves on being exceptionally good at it (even if we do say so ourselves!).

Originally from Chorley in Lancashire, GrowTraffic is based in Bacup in Rossendale, East Lancashire and Simon works in Manchester, however we’ve worked with organisations throughout the UK and in several other countries.

What Does a Freelance SEO Consultant Do?  

A freelance seo consultant is different things to different people. As search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists, GrowTraffic will do a full seo audit of your current website to see where it is under-performing or if certain seo work could help it achieve a better ranking position.

Once we have analysed your site, we can give you some suggestions on how to improve it or what you could do differently. Often, we can make some of these changes for you or can complete a contract of freelance seo work that will improve your position however, occasionally, you may have to make some of the changes yourself (although we’ll always show you how and are always on the other end of the phone if you get stuck!).

As we work on a freelance basis, you won’t be tied in to lengthy contracts and, as we both work from home, we don’t have huge overheads to cover. This means that we can bring you the benefits of expensive SEO marketing at our normal seo consultant hourly rate.

Getting a freelancer in to take on the search engine side of your web marketing is a big thing, so why not call us on 07411 420 740 and we can discuss it in more detail; we’re sure you’ll see how passionate we are about search marketing.

Creative SEO Consultants

Don’t just get in touch if you need someone to do your SEO for you; search engine optimisation is about being creative and original, but coming up with new ideas can be exhausting and trying new approaches can be risky.

With our combined experience of digital marketing, we have seen a lot and we know what works and what doesn’t. Why not give us a call if you need some suggestions, or even if you just need someone to bounce a few ideas off?

SEO Consultant

More and more, good SEO is a case of making the best possible website for the organisation involved and this can’t be done without the involvement of the website owners and their staff and contributors.

GrowTraffic passionately believes in giving the businesses we work with the information and tools they need to take on their online marketing themselves. By doing this, we ensure that websites will rank well not just now, but in the future too.

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If you’d like any further information or would like GrowTraffic to take a look at your website, then please get in touch with us via the contact form on the website, by email at or by phone on 07411 420 740.