Projecting SEO: Freelance SEO

By October 14, 2010Google, Search Engines, SEO

I’m always trying to challenge myself to project the outcome of my own SEO campaigns.

SEO isn’t an exact science so it’s not easy to project rankings, however the more I do it the more I get a feeling for the movement I get.

Freelance SEO

At the moment I’m optimising for the term Freelance SEO, I’ve got it to hover around position 11 / 12 in (having previously targeting the term Freelance SEO Consultant on the same page which is now sat at position 4.

My SEO Ranking Prediction

After carrying out a load of offsite and onsite optimisation I believe the page will move from position 11 / 12 to position 8 / 9. In my experience this is the way Google seems to make things move. Don’t get me wrong I’m hoping it will shift a bit higher however I think on this occassion that is how it will perform.

My prediction is this will happen by 25th or 26th October.


  • simon says:

    Quick update on this I am now ranking at position 2 for the term Freelance SEO – which I am quite please with – I am especially pleased as I am ranking for this with an internal page, whilst the next competing website is totally focussed around ranking for the term Freelance SEO.

    I will knock this site off no doubt – although I suppose having got some really nice Freelance SEO positions I need to move over to the SEO Consultant world. Currently the site ranks at about position 90 for SEO Consultant. Now I think this is going to be a much tougher nut to crack. I’m going to have to put that bit more effort in. In 2 or 3 weeks I should be able to work out how easy it will be. I’m guessing I may move to position 40 – 50 (but secretly I’m hoping for a shift to position 20 – 30).

    Fingers crossed we shall see!!

  • simon says:

    Further to my last update, the website has dropped to position 5 for this term, however I’m hoping that by the end of next week it will pick up to position 1-3 where it will be more likely to stick. I think the early position 2 was a bit of query deserves freshness at play.

    Interestingly I am now at position 1 for freelance seo consultant which is what I originally optimised the page to do back in May (ish).

    I think there should be some movement on SEO Consultant for this page by the end of next week as well (at position 60 at the moment) – although I think that one is going to take some months to get shifting into the upper rankings.

  • simon says:

    ok so I’m now at position 34 for seo consultant it’s going to be another good few weeks before we get to page 1!

  • simon says:

    not updated in a while – I’m now sat at position 12 for SEO Consultant, position 3 for freelance seo and position 1 for freelance seo consultant. hopefully will get onto page 1 for SEO consultant in the next month or so.

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