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Should you focus on SEO?

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I’m a marketer first and foremost, I spend my days wondering how I can better engage a specific audience to get a certain result, however SEO has been such a big part of what I do for so long I recognise that I tend to automatically go to the “How can this work from an SEO perspective” I suppose you’d expect as much having worked as a search marketer and freelance seo consultant for so long! Read More

Climb Online – The Apprentice

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On Sunday Mark Wright won the 2014 version of the Apprentice with this business proposal “Climb Online”. Almost immediately the online marketing and search marketing community specifically was set on fire with cries of “this will never work”. Read More

The fourth revolution in internet marketing: Content Marketing to Augmented Reality

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If you’re marketing online at the moment you’re probably carrying out some form of content marketing. But if everyone’s carrying out content marketing what happens? Expect the content crunch to happen at some point, this is the point where no matter how much content you create as a marketer you’ll get very little or no traction from it. Read More

Mark Zuckerberg Hosts A Public Q&A

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When I got this notification in my Twitter feed this morning, sent from the ever informative Search Engine Journal stalwart, Matt Southern, I thought ‘big wow’. Yes, it takes quite a lot to impress me.

Never one to be deterred by simple boredom though, I thought ‘well, I am supposedly an SEO Copywriter, I’d better watch this and keep abreast of the current trends in SEO’. I know; dedication or what?! Sometimes I think I deserve a Nobel prize for my unrelenting devotion to all things Search Engine orientated.

So down I sat on a rainy Friday afternoon to watch the hour+ long video of Mark Zuckerberg’s Q&A session and, much to my amazement, I was actually quite impressed.  Read More

Google Ends Authorship – What does this mean for Content Marketing?

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I remember when Google introduced Google Plus all those years ago thinking they’d probably bitten off more than they could chew, and that the version of Google Plus I saw wasn’t up to much, certainly not up to the standards of Facebook, but I was up for giving it a try. Unfortunately, not a lot of other people where. Then a few years ago they introduce the Publisher and Authorship tags which required the user to point a website, or content back to a page on Google Plus in order Google gets an understanding of the “authorship” / authority of the content. Suddenly, I got more excited. Google has just announced this 3 year experiment has come to an end with failure and discontinuation. I’m not totally surprised, a little sad maybe, and more than a little curious about the implications for one of the most important tools in an online marketer’s arsenal: Content Marketing.

Read More

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