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10 Email Marketing Services That Accept Single Opt-In Lists

You may already know what happens with the single opt-in lists and that there is the option of a single and double opt-in for all emailing lists.

If you don’t fully understand what this means, we will go through this and touch base on this first, but if you do know, we can move on.

Single Vs Double Opt-In

An opt-in is the process of pushing a button to say yes I would like to receive these emails from your business. It’s the single opt-in functionality that makes them different from mailings you might receive from a spam email.

After all, the primary definition of a spam email is the kind of email you do not want to receive or be in your inbox.

Single opt-in

A single opt-in action will happen before any of your users start receiving emails from the company you run.

An example of this would be if a box pops up on the website that you are on, but when you try to leave, it will ask you to sign up for the business mailing list to get all updates in the future, so that is an opt-in prompt.

Double Opt-in

A double opt-in is different from a single. As it just adds a confirmation step to the whole process.

Imagine them both being in the same scenario. You will meet the exit pop-up when you fill in the email address, but when you go to check, it will be a confirmation to check you still want to sign-up.

Generally, a double opt-in relies on confirming an email address although it could be a mobile number.

10 Single Email Marketing Opt-In Lists

  1. Sendiblue

Sendiblue has a tremendous single opt-in plan that is free.

That includes the option for SMS message sending, in-depth analytics, and the powerful marketing features that are all included in the same dashboard on your computer. Unfortunately, Sendiblue also has a headquarters in France, so you will have no option to comply with their GDPR.

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot is a very well-known single opt-in software in the email marketing industry.

The great thing about them is that their email marketing service is free to start with, and it includes so many powerful features that have been created that are catered to helping your business grow and develop.

You have the option to use their drag-and-drop email builder and a varied selection of many other templates that can be included with your customer newsletter that matches what your brand is all about and your colour scheme.

  1. Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing is a known name on the top list of the best single opt-in email marketing services.

It lets you create and deliver professional email newsletters in a big way but also all of the different benefits that can help you with all of the features, autoresponders, Google analytics, tags, and so many other things.

Mailchimp is a useful tool for content marketing

  1. Mailer Lite

Mailer Lite offers all of the single opt-in essentials with none of the complicated parts. In addition, it is a free service for up to 1,000 subscribers, so you can test it out before you think about wanting to subscribe to their package and help your business.

It is an excellent option for any marketer who wants a straightforward email marketing service. You are a creator who does not need anything complicated. You just need the tools to help you start your newsletter or sort out a campaign.

  1. Mail Jet

Mail Jet is a single opt-in platform that started as a transactional email service. Later on, it has since evolved into a great email marketing platform with advanced marketing tools.

Mail Jet is one of the free email marketing services that provide you with an option of paying for their services when your business starts to grow, which can be beneficial, especially when starting with a low budget.

  1. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of those single opt-in marketing services that are too popular to miss. The platform will help equip you with the primary email options through templates, testing, and CRM to help guide your new venture.

When it comes to planning emails, mail chimp has an assistant that changes your designs based on what your brand is like. If you rely on just the visual aspect, mail chimp gives you access to its content archive, including photos, graphics and much more.

  1. Convert Kit

Convert Kit is a single opt-in email marketing service focused on bloggers and content creators.

The result is that it is a well-crafted tool that is so easy to use. You will get all the features you need, with the option of other opt-ins, forms, and landing pages.

Email marketing is a cost-effective digital marketing strategies

  1. Drip

Drip is a single opt-in platform that positions itself as the eCommerce CRM, but whilst they do this kind of job very well, they are one of the best marketing services for this reason.

You can send the simplest of emails that do a great job of getting the correct information across through a tab or a builder for client emails.

  1. Mail Get

Mail Get is a single opt-in app provided by FormGet and is aimed at being a very cheap email marketing platform.

It is not the most advanced, but it is straightforward and lightweight. You can import your list one by one and upload other files, and start taking control of your list immediately. They also have the tools to help you with this and how to improve everything overall.

  1. Elastic Email

This single opt-in company is interesting as they have a surprisingly high volume of free email management and accounts. Still, once you have decided to join, you will have to pay them. The cheapest plan they have starts at over £120 per month.

They are an intermediate step option but are priced higher than other marketing programme options and have more choices for this process.

Email Marketing Agency

Pros and Cons of Opt-In Types

You will always need to ask yourself what type of opt-in you would like to use for your website.

The direction of this blog post is that you want to use the single opt-in, but there are some problems with it, so you might want to think about your decision and whether you want to use it after all.

Converting Opt-In Types

Now, you can convert one particular list of one type to another. For example, converting from double to single is an easy process. You just remove the verification requirement that has set up the maintenance list you want to include and pray it works.

10 Email Marketing Services That Accept Single Op-In Lists

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