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10 Reasons You’re Still Getting No Conversions on Google Ads

Suppose you have hit a wall with driving the right amount of ROI that is not helping you get any conversions on Google ads. Trying to get the correct number of modifications can be tricky, so it is a great idea to come up with some strategies that will help you nail conversions.

The average conversion rate on the Google ads searches network is only 4%. Overall, it is less than 1%. So even if you put in all the work, it will not guarantee increased sales.

If you have no customers or users converting on your Google AdWords, it is probably because of a few main reasons. The downside is that the results will not happen overnight. It will take time.

How You Are Killing Your Google Ads Conversion Rate

To avoid making any more unnecessary mistakes and wasting your time even more on Google ads, you first need to make sure that you do not make any of these mistakes:

  1. You are not addressing the search intent properly

One great thing about Google Ads is the intent of the searchers. They are there to buy things. On social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and so on; users are not there to find items or a solution. Instead, they are there for the social and entertainment aspects of it.

But, with Google Ads, people are looking for products and services they can find on Google. So this would mean you have a chance to include the traffic you are already inches away from converting.

The top results you get based on your conversion rate on Google ads include your most accurate levels of content and the solutions for improving these rates.

  1. Your ad extensions are not tailored to each conversion advertisement

Including ad extensions is a great way to improve your conversion and click-through rates on Google Ads.

Even Google has mentioned that using extensions will increase your CTR and conversion rates by 10%-200% on average. Having the call extensions option will also increase your conversions by 100%.

Be strategic with your extensions, as only include them when your conversion levels need an extra boost. This will improve your customer and user engagements with less time, clicks and frustration.

  1. Your AdGroups are a complete nightmare

Basic Google Ads will have you struggling to bring in sales because of your conversion levels. However, you may not realise that you force searchers to do a lot of the work on your website by finding different sections, just to find what they were initially looking for.

As a marketer, you need to be giving the customers exactly what they want and are asking for. The less specific leads will lead to lower scores, CTRs, and a significant increase in your CPC.

By fixing the way that your ad groups are and using simple keywords, you now create great Google ads based around the keyword with the landing page, and once this is sorted, your conversion rate levels will increase.

  1. You lack a message match on your main landing page

Landing pages take up a massive portion of your Google Ads, and your conversion rates. And if your conversion rates are low, you can expect not as many of them and them to be more expensive.

One of the biggest reasons people do not convert is how your landing page is set out. No matter how excellent your ad copy is or the keywords you are targeting; you will not be able to convert a visitor to a terrible landing page.

the message match that you have for your landing page has to have the power to increase all conversions by 200%+

  1. No conversion data or low conversion rates

What’s Wrong

So, you thought that you had your conversion tracking up to a great level through your Google ads, but after some research and digging into your account, no modifications could be found.

How to fix it

Remain calm and follow three simple steps.

  1. rule out a performance first
  2. read through the conversions section on your Google ads
  3. try the google tag plugin

6. Conversion data seems off

What’s Wrong

You have always brought in so many sales for your company, but your conversion metrics have been very slow, or sometimes the complete opposite.

How to fix it

One of the top rules that are always great to remember to rule out this issue is to check your plugin and tags that could be on the wrong pages and recheck the conversion section.

How Many Googles?

  1. Conversion action unclear

What’s Wrong

You are seeing all your conversion data come up in your Google ads column, but you are not 100% sure what the conversion is or what this might mean for your customers.

How to fix it

This is a difficult one; there are some things that Google ads and the platform can’t always report on.

  1. “No recent conversions” notifications

What’s Wrong

You are currently in the conversion section of your Google ads, and you see a red message saying that you have no recent conversions. But the possibility could be that you have only just recently converted.

How to fix it

This one is quite simply not that much action is needed. Once you hover over them, google reminds you that these are pretty common.

  1. New landing page, old conversion tracking set up

What’s Wrong

You are pleased that you have a new landing page that you have been working hard on, but you are struggling to sort out the tracking for your new main page.

How to fix it

For this to work, you will need a few new updates to ensure that the tracking goes as smoothly as possible. First, you will need to change the main landing page URL.

  1. Conversions just fell off

What’s Wrong

Your conversion levels were flowing at a steady rate but then suddenly, they just dropped to zero.

How to fix it

If this is the case, your tracking is 100% part of the problem. You will need to go back and change everything, especially your performance levels and conversions in your Google ads column.

10 Reasons You’re Still Getting No Conversions on Google Ads

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