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10 Ways to Optimise Your Sponsored Products on Amazon Ads

In this blog, I’m going to discuss how you can optimise your ads so you can start experiencing the benefits these ads can offer.

Sponsored products are ads you can run through Amazon that are designed to feature products in ways that make it look more like a recommended product. They are quite valuable for helping your business grow and earn conversions.

What are Sponsored Products Ads?

Sponsored products ads appear just like regular, non-sponsored products do except they have a ‘sponsored’ label attached to them. These ads act as a way for businesses to advertise their products to leads.

And they work exactly like PPC (pay-per-click) ads do. You choose keywords, bid for them, and then you run your ad. So when your keyword is searched, your ad will appear in the results. Just like PPC, the only time you pay is when a user clicks on your product ad which directs them to your listing page with product details

Ways to Optimise your Sponsored Products Ads

There’s quite a hefty amount of options out there to optimise your products ads. Here, we’ve just compiled a list of 10 tips you can consider and experiment with. Find out what works best for your products.

1.     Choose the Right Keywords

It is the keywords you choose for your products that triggers your product ads to appear in search results. So you must choose relevant keywords if you want to reach valuable leads for your business.

Creating a list of keywords would be a great idea. With certain insights, such as data and information about the keywords and how they perform, the right keywords can drive your business towards success.

It also means you can just focus on using the most suited keywords, integrating them into your product listing.

2.     Choose a Campaign Type

Amazon actually has two types of campaigns – automatic and manual. Each campaign type has a different targeting type, too.

With automatic targeting, Amazon will target your ads to all relevant customer searches on information similar to your product. This option saves a lot of time as sellers are basically handing over control to Amazon to choose keyword searches that are relevant.

Manual targeting, therefore, is the opposite. Everything is done by the seller and even though it takes more time, it often receives much higher click-through rates. Amazon ads that are manual targeting appear when a customer search matches your product’s keywords.

For businessowners just getting started on Amazon, it’s ideal to begin with automatic targeting and then eventually switching to manual targeting. This is so that those new to Amazon can have appropriate time to organise a campaign structure and select the most relevant product information.

3.     Optimising Titles

When you create an ad and it appears on the search results, the text users will most likely see first is the title. Therefore, they are important and need to be optimised in order to bring in customers to your product page.

Typically, optimising the titles involves inclusion of the chosen product keyword as this is what boosts the appearance in relevant search results. The more keywords you select, the more search results your ad will appear in.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean a word for every single thing, more like descriptive key phrases that specifically describes your product. An opportunity is created when you do this where your ad can potentially appear in multiple search results.

4.     Having Campaign Goals

When you run a campaign type, you should first think about the goal you want to achieve. Because some campaign types are better suited for specific goals and will help you focus on that target first.

Some goals may be generating new product sales, earning authentic reviews, or increasing brand awareness and visibility. And when you set these goals, you should avoid vagueness. Want to generate new product sales? Great, but that’s too vague. How many exactly are you aiming to get? Within what time frame do you want to achieve this?

5.     Setting Budgets

Have a minimum and maximum budget set. Running a sponsored ad campaign will cost you so you need to be prepared and have a set budget. Starting small is perhaps the most ideal because then you can decide whether you want to increase the budget or keep it the same.

Sponsored product ads operate on a pay per click rate so you need to determine just how much you’re willing to spend.

Not only that but Amazon’s automatic targeting often bids for keywords. Though the keyword bids may be lower when compared to Google, they still have a price.

6.     Monitoring your Campaign

Once you’ve set up and began your campaign, that’s not the end. After all, how would you know if it was a success or not?

When you monitor your campaign, you can see how many people are clicking on your ads in comparison to the conversion rates. You can see what’s working and what isn’t and make the necessary changes, like keywords for example. If they’re working, that’s great. And if they’re not, you can choose better ones. It also ensures your money is being used wisely rather than going to waste.

7.     Utilising Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are irrelevant keywords, basically like tags you don’t want your ads to show for. For example, if you’re selling women’s shoes, you don’t want men’s shoes to show up in the search result. Therefore, you would add ‘men’s shoes’ as a negative keyword.

8.     Optimising Product Listings

When it comes to your product listing, it’s not just made up of a title and an image. There’s other details such as available colours and product dimensions (if necessary).

Amazon’s product ads pull data from the organic page of your product. That includes all the information.

So you should definitely consider where you place the target keywords. Tip: they are much more successful if they’re at the beginning of the title!

Images need to be both high-quality and include alternative image text. Plus, additional images can showcase all angles of your products, different uses, and all the different varieties/colours. Including a video is even better.

9.     Avoid Product Bias

As a businessowner, it’s right to believe that every product you offer will sell. And when you have quite the catalogue of products, it all comes down to the budget you have available.

When one of your products is super successful, it’s easier to put all of your focus into that one product and leave the less successful ones alone. However, the reason for a product’s success could be the sponsored ads, so it’s definitely worth making your least successful products sponsored ads, too.

It might even turn out to reach a wider audience. Who knows?

10.  Positive Reviews

Product reviews may very well be the deciding factor for shoppers that are considering purchasing your products. Not only that but they affect whether a user will even click on your ad. Why should they waste their time on a product that has only 1 star reviews?

Even if your keywords are incredibly well targeted, without reviews it may not be worth it.

So part of your marketing strategy should be to encourage users to leave reviews for your products that they’ve purchased. You can send something digitally to your mailing list, asking them to review recent purchases.

Negative reviews will happen even if you have the most amazing product on the plant but if you address customer concerns, it mitigates the impact of those negative reviews. It also gives a better image communication-wise for your business as you seem willing to discuss concerns and issues.

If you make dissatisfied customers happy, they may even remove their negative review. Multiple positive reviews can increase the click-through rates of your product ads, reduce unnecessary ad spend, all while bringing in results.

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