10 Ways to Solicit Amazon Customers for 5-Star Reviews

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10 Ways to Solicit Amazon Customers for 5-Star Reviews

As with any platform, social proofing a product is one of the keys to making it sell well. This is also the case with Amazon. This blog aims to uncover the ways in which we can solicit amazon customers for 5-star reviews.

Products on the largest e-commerce site, Amazon rely on reviews and testimonials as a way of helping them be seen, and most importantly, purchased. It is no secret that buyers often look at reviews to see how much they should trust a product. A large number of 5-star reviews results in more purchases.

However, Amazon users can often be ungenerous when it comes to leaving reviews. Especially positive reviews – users who are motivated to leave a testimonial are usually those who are passionate about what’s wrong with a product.

So how can you solicit reviews from those who would rate your product 5-stars?

Soliciting Reviews From Amazon Customers

There are several techniques in which you can abide by Amazon’s review solicitation guidelines. It’s important to remember that with Amazon, you are a small fish in a big sea – they don’t need you (sorry!), and so breaking their rules will just result in you losing your selling privileges.

What Not To Do With Amazon Reviews

  • Don’t review your own products
  • Don’t buy fake reviews
  • Don’t offer deals or promotions to reviewers

So what can we do?

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Use Seller Messaging System

Once a product is sent to a buyer, you can contact the customer through the Amazon seller messaging system.

It’s always a good idea to gently solicit a review – don’t ask for one!

Eg. “We’d love to hear what you thought about your product” instead of “leave us a good review”.

Time is of the essence, monitor when the order was received by the customer, and then time your follow up message right to ensure a higher likelihood of generating a review from your message.

Organically Filter Positive Reviews

Touching on what we have just discussed, you can’t directly ask for good reviews, however, you can encourage those customers who are satisfied to leave a review. In your communication with the customer, encourage dissatisfied to message and satisfied customers to leave a review.

Use A Drip Campaign

A drip campaign can be a beneficial way of soliciting reviews on Amazon. Automated and scheduled follow-ups about your product are a great way in informing customers and keeping communication open after the purchase.

An example of a drip campaign:

  1. An email sent upon purchase with FAQs about the product
  2. An email was sent upon product arrival with how to’s and shipping information if there were issues
  3. An email is sent once the customer has had time to use to product explaining your warranty, your company, and, the good stuff… soliciting a review.

Customers often rely on trust to social proof a product. A drip campaign allows for customers to be informed about the product, answering questions before they turn to write a negative review.

Provide Helpful Accessories

Not to reviewers, but any potential customers. Be transparent, if you’re selling a product that works best with something else – let your customers know!

Sure, not everyone wants to purchase a ‘bundle’ however, if they have all the knowledge they need, they will be more likely to leave a positive review.

Customers appreciate communication! If you provide helpful accessories to product buyers, and they choose to ignore them, they are less likely to leave a negative review.

Stagger Solicitations

Like with ads and spam, lots of reviews at once, Amazon could acknowledge this as fraudulent. Avoid patterns that replicate spam or buying reviews.

Send review solicitations out in waves, so the reviews come in in waves.

Offer Review Copies

Amazon doesn’t prohibit using a product as an incentive to review – “we’ll give you this product if you review it”. There is a large community of product reviewers – find them!

The only catch – the review must state that this customer received the product for free in exchange for a review.

Solicit Reviews From Non-Amazon Customers

When you sell a product through another e-commerce site, the customer can still review it on Amazon! Sending review solicitations via email, and pointing them to your Amazon storefront is a great way to boost reviews.

Another benefit of soliciting reviews from customers that have bought from your website is – Amazon doesn’t know! You can be more direct and skirt around the Amazon guidelines.

Don’t just keep the reviews to Amazon though – testimonials also help with the SEO of your website.

You can read more about the benefits reviews have on SEO here.

Include A Product Insert

Send the review solicitation out with the product. An insert into the packaging is a good means of communication with your customers. You can include important information about the product too and be sure that the solicitation arrives at the same time as the product.

Include Documentation

An increasingly common feature is including an e-book along with each purchase. This can include instructions, how to’s, ideas on how to use the product and of course, a review solicitation.

You can also make this available on your site, offering it as a free ‘bonus’ to anyone who owns the product.

Find Top Reviewers

Amazon hosts a list of ‘top reviewer rankings’ where you can find customers who often leave helpful reviews on the site. So find them! These reviewers are trusted by Amazon and their feedback is rarely regarded as fraudulent so it’s a good idea to get in touch with them.

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