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12 Strategies to Grow and Scale an eCommerce Business

When a business is referred to as ‘eCommerce’ it simply means a business that runs off generating revenue through the sales of products and services online.

Having an eCommerce business doesn’t come without its challenges. When you are looking to grow and scale your business, there are a number of steps and strategies you can follow. At GrowTraffic, we strategise marketing efforts in order to enable a business to continue to grow. In this blog, we focus on eCommerce businesses, offering our top 12 strategies to grow and scale an eCommerce business.

Strategies To Help Grow Your eCommerce Business

Let’s explore our top strategies to help your eCommerce business grow!

Monitor Competitors

Competitor analysis is key to any business growth, especially eCommerce businesses. It’s important, to really elevate your business, that you monitor the growth and scale of your competitors.

Understanding what your competitors are doing, who their target audiences are, and how they are growing are all ways in which you can match, even better, exceed their efforts. Monitoring your competitors allows you to identify gaps in your industry, offering a platform to grow and scale your eCommerce business.

Monitor Complaints

You can’t please everyone; sometimes this is a hard pill to swallow. When running an eCommerce business, you are bound to run into issues, some of which are beyond your control. Receiving complaints is part of business growth, the part nobody really likes. But it is also important to monitor and act on these complaints.

High Quality Customer Service

This is probably self explanatory. To grow and scale your eCommerce business it’s important that you are offering high quality customer service. What makes a brilliant brand is not the products but instead, the service that complements these products.

Establishing your eCommerce business as easy to contact, and backing that with high quality customer service is the key to growing further.

Streamlining Conversion

Conversion processes that take too long are one of the biggest roadblocks in growing and scaling an eCommerce business. Streamlining conversions can be the deciding factor for a customer to purchase.

In a nutshell, cut out the fluff!

Putting Emphasis On The Upsell

Cross selling refers to offering products that add value to an existing product. Upselling refers to last minute upgrades you offer to customers when they are ready to buy. Cross selling and upselling your products is key to increasing your average shopping basket value. 


Networking can benefit any business that wants to grow and scale up. Networking can help your eCommerce business grow by improving relationships with potential customers and other businesses who can offer support down the line.

Realign Your Buyer Personas

Creating buyer personas early on in the process can have great benefits for the growth of your business. Buyer personas allow you to target and personalise your content, but it’s important to note that target audiences shift depending on the stage of the business.

Re-tailoring your buyer personas to fit with your existing audience allows you to keep up to date with how your company is changing and growing. It also helps you to re-evaluate your marketing strategies as your business progresses.

Take Advantage Of FOMO

The Fear Of Missing Out plays a surprisingly crucial role in your marketing strategy, especially for eCommerce businesses. Whether it is time-sensitive offers, seasonal sales or limited quantities of products, they all urge customers to act now, hurrying along the conversion process.

Guest Posting

Guest posting for other blogs within your industry is a great way of raising brand awareness, therefore growing the business. Not only do backlinks have a great impact on SEO but they also help efforts in business growth, making more people aware of who you are and what you do.

Capitalise On Occasions

Special days, such as your customers’ birthdays, along with personalised marketing efforts can increase sales and business growth. Whether it just be an email of acknowledgement, a discount or free shipping, capitalising on special events can help grow your customer loyalty as well as scale up your business.

Create A Strong Marketing Campaign

It wouldn’t be a GrowTraffic blog without focusing on the importance of a marketing campaign. It is near enough impossible to grow your business without a thorough marketing plan. A strong marketing strategy will only improve your business growth. Word of mouth advertising tends to run its course, and this is where a strong marketing campaign kicks in. Ecommerce businesses specifically tend to require a strong digital presence, which is where a thorough digital marketing strategy can help scale and grow.


What can be said about digital marketing can also be said about SEO. An eCommerce business with a digital presence will likely go nowhere against its competitors without an SEO strategy. Optimising your website for SEO means that your website is more visible on SERPs, hopefully ranking above your competitors. 

If you want your business to grow, it’s a good place to start online. Growing the amount of traffic coming to your website eventually results in more sales.


In order to grow and scale your eCommerce business there are so many strategies you can adopt. Making a difference in your marketing strategies can have a great impact on so many elements of your business

  • Increased Traffic
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Brand Awareness
  • Increased Sales

If you have an eCommerce business and you are looking to grow and scale – get in touch with a member of our team today. You can call us to discuss how we can work on your digital marketing efforts to grow traffic and grow your business.

Call us on 0161 706 0012 or email info@growtraffic.co.uk for more information.

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