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15 BigCommerce Plugins That Will Improve Your Sales

After you have thought about what you want your BigCommerce store to look like and have set it up, the next step that you will need to make is ensuring that it can function correctly.

The purpose of this store is to meet the needs of all your clients and audience. But be aware that over time all of these trends will change, so you will need to be prepared for the fact that you will need to change your plugin to ensure that it helps you with your sales and helps your online store to thrive.

Three Amazing Plugins that Can Help To Boost Your BigCommerce Sales

  1. Spring Metrics

This is also known as the engage plugin. This company is a great analytics app that can be layered over the BigCommerce store linked to them. Spring metrics works alongside google analytics and has a great dashboard that can help you with any queries that you may have.

  1. Constant Contact

Whilst you are getting to grips with running an online store, including email marketing is an excellent way for you to help your sales thrive and boost by being able to have new leads. So, you must stay in contact on all platforms through an email list.

  1. Sales Pop

The practicality of this particular plugin is that it gives you the option of notification when a user or client clicks on your online store to check on what they may have previously purchased.

Having an online store brings in way more customers and potential customers, which will increase your sales rate.

How To Nail The Top BigCommerce Plugins That Will Power Your BigCommerce Website In 2022

  1. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is part of the WordPress plugin option, allowing you to ace this side of eCommerce. You can include this on all of your platform and marketing channels from your central location whilst giving you many different payment options to choose from, which will help your sales to thrive.

  1. Cart Recovery for WordPress

This is another link to WordPress, but in this case, it focuses on any issues you might have recognised when people use your cart option to checkout and is linked to your store.

Once this issue is sorted, then you can start seeing all of the different sales from your customers.

  1. WordPress Shopping Cart

If you want to keep your online store a lot simpler, this WordPress and PayPal shopping cart option are great for you as you can include as many buttons to your site as you want. It also helps you directly sell items so you can see all the new sales coming in from your BigCommerce store.

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Some Of The Top Plugins That You Can Use For Your BigCommerce Online Store

  1. Conversion

Conversion is a great marketing and eCommerce tool that can be used to help your BigCommerce store. This company’s primary focus is how they tackle the concept of email management, client emails, email follow-ups, emails that have been abandoned and also company newsletters.

By going through all of this, you can see your sales funnel rise significantly.

  1. Exclusive Offers

This plugin works when the users visiting your online store decide to close your cart before making the actual sale. Then, you can offer them a particular discount or incentive to change their mind.

They also offer the option to try them out for a certain amount of time to see if you like them enough to join, and they are giving you 5% of their original revenue.

  1. S- Loyalty

S-Loyalty is a free and easy plugin to install, and over time, it allows you to reward clients and customers, which will benefit the number of sales you get through a point system and gain more of them through this process.

The Top Apps That Can Grow Your Business Through Sales

  1. Active Campaign

This is a great customer experience plugin that can lead to sales. It also includes your email marketing, customer responses and the relationship between the customer and seller. They let you take control of how you want everything to look on your website,

  1. Live Chat

This is a big recommendation in the eCommerce world, as it allows you to work in more ways than one by communicating with customers and recommending the best items that suit them perfectly.

This can also help boost your brand as a whole.

  1. Tidio

Tidio offers you an excellent option for live chat to talk about all the different options for your customers and clients that can match the ethos of your BigCommerce online store, and it will also help you see the levels of sales that are coming through to your site.

The Top Leading E-commerce And Marketing Apps That You Cannot Miss When Boosting Your Online Store Through Sales

  1. Mailchimp

Email marketing is still a big part of how sales are made. For many businesses in the marketing and eCommerce world, this is one of the most popular ways to make that first impactful sale.

By having this a part of your store, you will make an email newsletter that is right for you, and you will have included the audience that you think will benefit from this and want to return to your shop again.

  1. Marsello

Marsello is a great all-in-one marketing tool for an online store. It can help you optimise your content, your email notifications, and so much more as it targets your campaign to get all those sales.

  1. Outfy

Outfy can help you bring in those sales by including the concept of your social media that you use for your business, as it takes control of your AI and ensures that only the engaging levels of content are out on your page, so your sales fly through the roof.

15 BigCommerce Plugins That Will Improve Your Sales

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