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15 Reasons Why Your Shopify Store Isn’t Getting Traffic

There are several reasons why your Shopify store isn’t getting traffic: SEO factors technical errors. This blog aims to digest 15 reasons why your Shopify store isn’t getting traffic and what you can do to solve it!

What’s a Shopify store without traffic? It is crucial when it comes to setting up an online storefront that the site gets traffic, or else, no money is made!

But what might be the reasons the storefront isn’t getting the traffic you deserve?

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You Forgot To Change Your Domain

When setting up a Shopify store initially, you are given a Shopify domain name (often name.myshopify.com).

What does this look like to your site viewers? Remember a huge part of growing traffic is about social proof and trust that you are reliable and authoritative in your field. Be sure to go that extra step to set up your own domain name, and if you don’t have one, buy one!

Too Many Apps

Shopify comes with a variety of different apps and plugins which expand the features of your storefront. We understand that it can be very appealing to add anything that may seem useful for your online store.

However, some apps and plugins conflict with one another resulting in specific features not working.

One of the biggest SEO tips is that in order to drive traffic to your e-commerce site, and turn visitors into conversions, your site must be fast! A large number of apps and plug-ins, only result in a slower site, thus, more visitors bouncing. Sure, customise your Shopify store, but pick a minimum number of apps and be sure they don’t conflict!

Too Many Defaults

As with the domain name, Shopify comes with a number of default settings which although, don’t necessarily do damage, could be holding you back from standing out in the world of e-commerce.

Think about changing:

  • Existing template text
  • Checkout processes
  • The favicon (the small item that appears in the tab)
  • Fonts

This way your storefront looks more unique and not like a template in a sea of thousands, this will only result in a better online presence.

Not Tracking Traffic Properly

It’s vitally important when running an e-commerce site that you are tracking your traffic and conversion rates.

You might be getting plenty of traffic but have no way of knowing if you’re not tracking!

Be sure that you are using the right coding and analytics software to monitor all aspects of your traffic.

Product Images

Nobody wants an ‘Instagram vs reality dilemma when it comes to shopping online. One of the key factors in driving user purchase decisions is product images. Lack of images or poor image quality will inevitably result in a lack of purchases.

Consider a consistent graphic style across your storefront and for images to be true to reality, that way your site looks more professional and put together and you will gain a higher level of customer satisfaction when purchases are made.

No Product Variables

Another factor that makes your storefront look less attractive and negatively reinforces the lack of traffic. Customers, when visiting an e-commerce site, often look for specific variables of a product eg. colours, compatibility of the product, sizing, and whatever may be applicable to that specific product.

If customers don’t receive the information they need, they will likely bounce.

Be sure to give potential customers the information they need for the best chance of converting them and driving more potential customers to your site.

The Catalogue Is Too Large

A common issue across many sites, not just Shopify, and a tip we give all the time – find your niche! When running an e-commerce store you can’t sell everything (unless you’re Amazon!)

An overly large catalogue of products on a site lacks focus, which is again, another reason why site visitors might not stay long. Don’t overwhelm your traffic!

No Mobile Compatibility

As of 2020, 55.4% of online shoppers purchase online using a mobile. So if your Shopify site isn’t mobile compatible, you really are missing a trick, and missing out on a world of digital traffic!

Responsive design is incredibly important for the success of your Shopify store. Google is putting increasing pressure on sites to be compatible with mobile, so stay up to date!

Using A Poorly Configured CDN

It is possible that may still want to use a CDN to handle heavy parts of your site, despite most web hosting software being able to handle websites. One of the largest ranking factors, as mentioned earlier is site speed and so a CDN can lighten the load and make your site load faster.

But, be sure you keep up to date with the CDN, running into configuration issues or general errors could have a harmful effect on your online store’s site.

No Advertising

In the world of the internet today, ‘traffic will come to me’ doesn’t quite cut it. You often have to go out and find your traffic and potential customers, which is fortunately simple to do with the right advertising.

Putting effort into your site and advertising it elsewhere is the best way to prove to Google that you are worthy of sitting on page one.

Only Using Facebook And Google

Placing Ads online is beneficial, but paid advertising doesn’t just come in the forms of Facebook and Google, branch out! You can find a ton of traffic that comes from other advertising or PPC networks.

Ignoring SEO

Now you just know this is a rookie mistake! A website is a website, no matter what its function and the straight fact is that if you want to rank, you need to put the work in!

SEO for a Shopify store means, creating unique product descriptions, customising metadata, building a repertoire of content, blogging, and data markup.

No Reviews

Soliciting reviews and ratings are a brilliant way to gain social proof of your store front, and in turn, drive traffic. No matter the size of the company, word of mouth seems to always be the best way to gain new customers.

Whether you incentivise referrals or however you choose to chase up customers, reviews are a great way of increasing traffic to your Shopify store.

You Forgot The Free Samples

We don’t literally mean free samples (although if you have that, give them out!) But what can your site offer that other Shopify stores don’t?

Providing your potential customers with blogs, free instructions, or ‘related products’ is a brilliant way for them to trust you and stay on your site for longer.

Also, think about reviewers, do you have the capacity to send out free samples of your products in return for a review?

Your Site Is Broken

Now, this could happen to anyone, but if it’s not kept on top of it or you don’t have the right knowledge to fix it, it could really hurt your Shopify store.

Be sure your site actually works before jumping headfirst into paid advertising and further SEO. We know just the people to help!

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