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15 Ways to Monetise Your Dating Website Traffic

Online dating has become one of the main ways to date people within the last decade. But the question is, how can we monetise your dating website traffic?

It has been known that it has dramatically increased over the last few years. It is no surprise that it has also improved over the previous decade, especially with so many different models and options to choose from.

We want to know how these dating apps are monetised; below, you will find that out for yourself.

How To Monetise A Dating App?

  1. The option of a premium subscription with tiers of added features

The most common kind of method of monetisation is through the premium membership option that includes features such as:

  • Extend the response timeline
  • Help you to get more views on your profile
  • Add on extras
  • Let you see who has liked your profile
  • Read known receipts
  1. In-app purchases

These dating apps allow you to include in-app purchases such as more likes, profile boosts and much more, which may also be involved in their subscription.

Adding this kind of feature allows you to buy more things within the apps, allowing all users to do this for a more extended period of time whilst on these apps.

  1. Advertisements through the app and AdSense

Now that most of these common dating apps include the function of another model, they also have the option to include some form of advertising through the use of Google AdSense.

The user is given the option to see how these adverts happen in the app they use, how they can get rid of them, and how they can subscribe to a better version without all of the unnecessary ads.

  1. Your custom advertisements

More often than not, these apps go beyond the option of advertisements alone and include them as an in-app option for all of these different companies.

This model is beneficial as it guides all of these apps to include essential topics such as the LGBTQ community for dating and products and services catered to them.

  1. E-commerce store options

Many of these dating apps monetise their website traffic through the known e-commerce route, offering great discounts and options through their e-commerce store.

Different stores will make it as easy as possible for you to buy any gift on their site for a date and perhaps for an occasion.

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What Are Some Of The Different Ways To Monetise Your Dating Website Traffic?

  1. Run dating site affiliate links

If you have decided to run a site that has links to dating or is about dating specifically, the main path for monetisation is to run as many affiliate links as possible for all of the various dating sites that are currently available.

There are so many different sites, so it is as easy as picking the right one that seems to fit your website and looking at their referral programmes.

  1. Sell sponsored posts

You can ensure that you stay well-known by being open to selling the available sponsored content on your website.

This allows all brands to contact you directly and be able to pitch what they are about to you. It is entirely up to you how far you want to go with your sponsored content; ensure that you follow the proper SEO tactics.

  1. Create a premium content area

This is another great idea for getting excellent content.

It is easier to publish more of your content than to keep it on your website. This is where a premium membership option comes in very handy for you.

  1. Sell your expertise

You have the option to sell your content and expertise as a known marketer, dating expert or even as what you are probably known most for as a content writer.

Essentially You are using your portfolio for work purposes.

  1. Sell your website and make a new one.

There is always one last resort: to move on and sell your dating site to help with your website traffic.

You can always build another one with an entirely different story about it and keep growing as you did before, but this time to an even higher level, especially where dating is concerned.

Strategies On How To Monetise Your Dating Website Traffic

  1. Advertising

Dating apps offer the option of a higher click-through rate instead of any other kind of option. Even if this is the case, all these brands still need to make the right effort when trying to impact their consumers.

All kinds of campaigns are essential as far as this is concerned as it helps these apps to figure out all of the crucial details, like the scale of how powerful dating apps can be.

  1. subscriptions

To overcome the initial concern, these dating apps will offer you a membership option, and it is up to you which one you decide to sign up for. Either the free or the paid model.

There are so many different benefits to these memberships.

  1.  Freemium

This kind of subscription implies that you are using the primary type of feature for free whilst getting paid for another variety of options. This includes many other possibilities.

  • Attract new matches
  • Increase your profile awareness
  1. Paid subscription

In this case, you won’t be able to access the app until you have paid for the subscription. A mandatory payment must be paid.

This model can help you feel that you can trust these kinds of apps.

  1. VIP membership

You have the option to include the other memberships to help with your dating website traffic. But this will only happen for a higher fee and higher status, and this can go one of two ways:

  • Boost your profile with other tools
  • Use other tool options

15 Ways to Monetise Your Dating Website Traffic

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