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15 Ways to Promote Max Bounty Affiliate Links and Offers

One of the largest affiliate networks currently, Max Bounty has thousands of offers available for business to make money and there’s many ways you can promote affiliate links and offers.

Getting people to click your links and perform an action is enough to earn you some credit. It’s actually not really difficult at all, it may appear that way just because many people don’t know where to begin.

Therefore, this blog will provide you with some tips and ideas – ways you can promote MaxBounty affiliate links and offers. You don’t have to do every single one, but you should do a few at least. Pick the ones you can do first, and then work around it with additional ideas to broaden the offers you’re promoting. That’s the best way to build on your income.

First though, let’s review what MaxBounty is.

What is Max Bounty?

Max Bounty is a performance-based CPA (cost-per-action) affiliate network, providing a top quality service by creating an online global marketing experience that is seamless.

To ensure the affiliates have affiliate marketing experience to a certain degree, Max Bounty requires you to fill out an application (which can be found on their website). Having a website that is your own domain and not subdomains, like WordPress or Weebly, guarantees a higher chance of acceptance.

Ways to Promote Affiliate Links and Offers

This platform is relevant to any, all affiliate marketers who wish to make extra income. And fast. But to do that, you have to have traffic.

The more traffic you can generate, the more chance of higher conversions. So, here’s 15 ways that you can promote max bounty affiliate links.

1.     Make Your Website Good

This is a necessity for absolutely everything. First of all, you need a platform to even promote the offer and online, social media or a blog is the best way to do that.

So a very well built website is important. It needs to be user-friendly, built for both desktop and mobile, as well as easy to navigate. You also need to make sure your site has enough content – it needs to look (and be!) trustworthy, not suspicious. A basic landing page is good enough. Having enough content helps to push traffic in a certain direction – this can be the landing page. Then, this is a destination for traffic from varied sources.

2.     Create a Business Social Page

Facebook pages are a great way to build traffic by inviting people to like the page. You can utilise the visibility of your posts by promoting the offers there.

And with the connection between multiple social platforms, you can use your Facebook page to also create an Instagram page. Of course, you don’t have to do this but if you can utilise all the social platforms really well, it’s definitely worth considering.

3.     Twitter Account

What better place to promote your offers than on a platform where every tweet shared has a character limit?

You can’t go on rambling in paragraphs, people won’t want to scroll through many tweets. So the  best option is to fill out the character limit with all the necessary information. Hashtag research is possible ahead of time. You may think it’s all in the moment, but you can use this technique to get more traffic.

Twitter and Facebook platforms are amazing sources of traffic not just for your website but for the affiliate links you’ve shared, also.

4.     Write for Free Platforms

Did you know that free content platforms exist? Well, they do. You can use them to get layouts and design, or just to write your content then and there.

Though not all of them allow direct promotion of affiliate links through posting, some of them do. Those are the ones that are beneficial to you. The overall aim is to write high quality content – this is what brings in the money, as well as bringing authority to the brand name.

5.     Answer Questions

Quora is an amazing potential source of traffic to links. That’s why many people use it to promote their affiliate links. But that also means it can be too frustrating to scroll through dozens and dozens of links.

Therefore, you should focus on answering the questions. These are questions, sometimes incredibly vague and sometimes a little too specific, that are being asked by the general public. And it turns out, quite a lot of people often have the same question.

Just write in a manner that’s easy for everyone to understand and make sure you pay attention to answer the actual question. Then you have a really good chance at getting some clicks on your links.

6.     Reviews

If you have a space for blogging, that’s great!

Blogs are a great space to write about literally anything. A new product you’re selling, something you’re promoting, or posting reviews. That last one is beneficial specifically when it comes to promoting affiliate links.

Think about including the offers in your content. Maybe about the actual offer itself or how the offer works. It’s both a way to promote affiliate links and give information  about affiliate marketing.

7.     Comparison Articles

For when you are promoting a specific product, think about posting a comparison article.

Many people like to keep their options open, take a look around at different offers before deciding on one. So having a visible comparison guide right in front of them makes that decision easier, all while you get to promote your affiliate links and offers.

8.     Use Web Forums

The audiences on web forums are usually dedicated – they’ve been there for a while and more than likely know all the ins-and-outs.

An offer you think may be relevant to that audience is worth promoting on their forum. You can directly say it’s an authentic offer, or you can let them decide for themselves. As long as you don’t spam the forum community, your promoted affiliate link may actually stand a chance.

9.     Use Facebook Community Spaces

Facebook Marketplace is currently a widely occupied space within the Facebook network.

It’s compiled of all kinds of people, selling all sorts of things from mobile phones to vacuum cleaners. And it’s not just the marketplace, either. There’s so many ‘buy and sell’ groups on Facebook, with some even specific to region.

When it comes to looking for groups to join and promote your affiliate links, focus on the larger groups. You want to be able to find a group that has enough members to promote to as well as to actually be active within the group.

10.  Interacting with Relevant Blogs

Every piece of content that is uploaded onto the web deals with spam interaction. Usually it’s in the form of mass comments.

However, that doesn’t mean that the comment section is off-limits or pointless. In fact, the comment section on almost any post is a great area when it comes to marketing. Target blogs relevant to your affiliate link or offer before posting first, though.

The first few comments don’t even have to be promotions. Actually, it’s better that way. Build familiarity and authenticity through commenting before you then share your affiliate links and offers.

11.  Mailing Lists

Truly one of the best marketing strategies you could build on – a mailing list.

Most affiliate marketers aren’t looking for long-term solutions. Maybe it’s because the contract between the affiliate and the company is temporary, or maybe it’s because it’s a freelance job. It doesn’t matter which. But good affiliate blogs provide information and insight, and a lot of it.

If you’re clicking any links, it’s because the content is good so the link is worthy. This is how you can also build trust, something desperately needed when it comes to a mailing list. For people to willingly sign up for anything with their email, it has to be worthy content that is valuable to them.

Plus, mailing lists are a great way for you to extend your marketing strategy to long-term as you’ll always have old clients to turn back to.

12.  Comment on Large Pages

Whether it’s on Facebook or a similar platform, commenting on these large pages can mean many views.

There’s a large audience to go along with that large page and they’ll see everything that’s posted there. Make sure that if you decide to post on a large Facebook page, you’re not spammy. Your post should be honest, maybe even a review including some benefits you have found of the product you’re trying to promote. In these posts, think of it more like a sales pitch than just simply dropping a link and leaving.

13.  Consider Video Platforms

Nothing sells a product more than when people can actually see it in action.

So what if you say that it’s good. You’re promoting it, you have to say that. They don’t want to invest in a product they don’t know about. Whether they don’t know how it functions or how well it performs isn’t important.

To solve this issue, what about creating a YouTube account? You can directly promote your offer whilst showing the audience what it actually does and how it does it well.

14.  Consider Social Media Advertising

Promoting tweets on Twitter or paying for Facebook advertising is always an option.

Facebook adverts have great targeting options available and can help you narrow down the parameters. So if a specific audience is who you want to reach, that’s who your post will aim at.

Similar is promoting tweets. It’s cheaper than Facebook advertising and it only requires you to be able to write a tweet. For tweets that are receiving more attention than others, or ‘a hit tweet’ as is common slang, you can turn it into a promoted tweet and put some money into it. Hopefully, you’ll also get money out of it.

15.  Consider Search Engine Advertising

Not only is social media advertising a good option, but search engine advertising is, too.

You surely already know that Google gets billions of searches every day. Think of how many of those users are seeing ads when they’ve entered their queries.

For a lot of systems, you can’t directly promote affiliate links but that doesn’t mean you can’t include the link on your landing page and then direct traffic to that page.

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