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15 Ways to Track Your Social Media Traffic for Free

If you are not careful, social media can be a tricking investment in your business. Of course, everyone in this marketing industry knows that it is very beneficial, but the return you may get from it may not be the outcome you initially wanted or hoped for.

Thankfully in today’s social media world, there are so many different ways that the content and work you are putting out can be tracked based on its overall performance. I bet by now quite a lot of you know which ones the best ones are to use.

As a marketer, I am going to mention the ones that I would use for the content that I put out and the ones that I suggest you should include in your marketing strategies.

What Are Some Of The Best Social Media platforms To Follow So You Get That Free Traffic?

  1. Google Analytics

Everyone knows what google analytics does because everyone uses it primarily in their social media work and tracking it. This is the absolute necessity for work with analytics, in which everything should measure up correctly.

Google Analytics is excellent for tracking social media.

  1. Facebook insights

This is the kind of social media tracking you should already use in your marketing business, as Facebook insights is a great analytic tool built in with anyone with a Facebook business page.

Unfortunately, with this one, you can only use it with Facebook within its website.

  1. Twitter Analytics

Twitter is the same as Facebook; it can only be used for this one social media platform.

The only issue with this one is that you have to set up other things within twitter before you can use their analytics tool, and they will also include lots of CTA’S until you decide to change your mind.

  1. Open Web Analytics

This is another source that can offer social media tracking. You will need a lot of space to use this option, but it is easy to use. You will have so many different features you can use, and tracking is one of them.

Also, you will get a very nice-looking dashboard when you use this option.

  1.  Social Mention

Social mention does all of its work, from crawling to social media tracking. You can also see the different websites that have been visiting your work.

This is also an excellent tool, especially when you may not have recognised any issues with your social media and the direct line of traffic that it can have.

Different Strategies That Can Help Boost Your Social Media Traffic

  1. Optimise all of your social media profiles

Providing that initial first impression is essential.

A saying that quite a lot of us say is “never judge a book by its cover, but more often than not, having images and the visual aspect of things can guide us to making the best decisions.

It has been found in a study has that shown content, including social media posts with visuals and images, has the chance of over 600% more engagement than what an original post would have.

  1. Engage with your target audience daily

Every being who is in the marketing world and is a business owner in this industry should by now understand the importance of their work being mobile-friendly.

It has been shown that within the last few years, 65% of all time is spent on social media and through a mobile device, and this is nothing compared to how low the statistic is for a desktop.

  1. Post consistently on your social media platforms

It is pretty self-explanatory when you want your social media content to be easy to read and understand by your readers. But you also need to ensure, if possible, that you are effectively sharing your work.

Ever since digital marketing became a thing, it has grown exponentially, which means that you need to consider improving your search engine optimisation (SEO) and the practice that it already has.

  1. Get creative with your content ideas

A great piece of advice when trying to build your followers is to be consistent with how you are doing it. The more consistency you show to your social media content, the better your chance of being seen.

Keeping that daily schedule is extremely important when building your traffic around your social media content. Ensure you know what you want to post and how often it helps.

  1. Focus on sharing other areas of content

Researching your competitors and seeing how they are doing can boost you regarding the social media content you are putting out and whether it is successful and if it can be tracked properly.

Finding a great analysis can help you find out how your social media traffic is doing there. Then, you can locate all the needed information and see if you can pick up any similarities.

Top Video Creating Platform For 2022

  1. Adobe Spark

Adobe spark allows you to provide your users with fantastic tools. You can incorporate your social media by including great customised graphics, websites, and videos that link to your business. This is a very advanced tool as far as video content goes.

This can also be included in other programmes, but their main focus is the passion for business and creating awesome videos.

  1. Biteable

Biteable call themselves the “World’s Easiest Video Maker”.

They are relatively easy to sign up for and follow the proper instructions. At first, Biteable will ask you for your consent and why you are using their videos and their video maker. Following this, you will be given the option of five different practice templates to choose from.

  1. Animoto

This video service has two options, Animoto Memories and their Animoto Marketing outlet. The previous choice was the one they used for social media and simple content areas, so that we will be using the other choice.

You will be given the option of which tutorials you use for what you need them for that links to your business. They are very informative and easy to use. Using them for the first time provides you with some simple steps to follow as you proceed with your first project.

  1. We Video

Web Video is the best video maker to use when teaching others how this fits into marketing. Then, they can create their online content in a calm environment and get any help they need.

This platform also follows the best guidelines and has many different storyboard options and other learning options that include them as a business

  1.  Render Forest

This platform is known for its effective step-by-step content, ensuring that it is easy to find everything you need at a manageable rate. In addition, they update a few of their resources to make sure all of them are up to date and relevant.

The prompts linked to creating videos are so beautifully done and very intricate, but just be careful as their processes on how to do these videos can be a bit confusing. Still, once you have passed this issue, you will have a great and professional video option for your website.

Ways To Track Your Social Media Traffic For Free 

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