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18 Ways to Promote and Sell Your Music on Bandcamp?

Bandcamp is a known worldwide marketplace and team of millions of different music buyers and musicians who are discovering and wanting to support the new and independent artists.

The use of music streaming drives over 30% of their initial sales.

What Are Some Ways You Can Promote and Sell Your Music On Bandcamp?

  1. Include a discount

Many Bandcamp fans will want to buy more of their music if a discount code is included in their purchase.

You can include these discounts on their website or on social media such as Twitter and Instagram, which has a link that can be used for this.

  1. Change your PayPal amount

If these buyers decided to use PayPal as a payment method, there would be a small fee for this purchase.

This will depend on how successful the music is and how well it is or isn’t doing, and this is where the small fee charged would be included.

  1. Choose what Buyers Pay

As a music artist and business owner, you may have already decided on what amount you would like to charge for the items you are going to sell, but you can let the buyers decide if they would like to pay more for what they want to buy.

  1. Create a great website link

A great and exciting website can be very beneficial in ensuring that your music is marketed correctly and can be a great link to your Bandcamp page.

  1. Share your new website with your fans

Sharing the website link of what you have created will help your fans share it, and you will receive a lot more sales from this. It is also a great idea to link this on your social media platforms, as you can get deals from each kind of network.

  1. Ensure your fans can see your Bandcamp page

A great way for viewers and fans to see the artwork of your music and perhaps merchandise is to include it on the back of the music so they can learn more about who you are as an artist and why you chose this journey.

  1. Use social media as a way of promoting your music Through Bandcamp

Promoting your music through social media is an excellent idea as it can boost your music and your website to get the best of both worlds. It is also essential to keep your fans updated on any new releases and live performances.

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Top Tips For Bandcamp Success

  1. Have a new description and release prepped and ready to go

When you want to release new music to your fans through Bandcamp, I suggest you have everything ready as far as the media releases go, so you will not need to worry as you will be ahead of everything.

  1. Get a contact list prepared

Having the right kind of strategy of who to contact through Bandcamp on the day of a new single or performance is excellent for sales as well as you as an artist as you will be able to connect with many other people who could be in the same industry as you.

  1. Update everything- social media and mailing list

When promoting your new content through Bandcamp, it is essential to update everything. So it is ready for this unique piece of work so that your fans can listen on many different platforms and sources and have everything prepared.

  1. Match your story through images

Having the right images and video content is essential to how successful a new launch can end up being. So including the visual element of an artist’s music is now more critical than ever.

  1. Music streaming

The discovery of Bandcamp through music streaming and the artist and their music label through their marketing efforts is as great as they are helping to get the correct number of streams through people that listen to the content put out and have worked hard on.

  1. Fans support

Having the right audience and fan base is also great for accessing artists’ music and what they are up to, but they can also get the right kind of followers from Bandcamp and other sources.

  1. Bringing streaming networks together

Finding different ways to play an artist’s music other than Bandcamp is an excellent way of getting the right connections. Finding themselves and having the right level of responsibility is where Bandcamp can be great or not too great.


Why Is Bandcamp Great For Artists?

  1. An excellent find for undiscovered talent and music

Bandcamp is a genuine service for the artists that have not been recognised for the work that they can do and the content that can be produced. The quality of their work is phenomenal.

  1. Instant payment for the artists

The artists that need help to be discovered for the talent that they have to prefer to use Bandcamp over any other platform as it helps them get a higher rate in the music that they put out, and they can make better connections with their fans.

  1. Building the right kind of artist fan base

The great thing about this platform is that they can upload their music for free and get fans to interact with them by asking for a small donation and earning a few new tips along the way of their unique journey.

  1. Represents new artists well

Bandcamp is a great way to get all new artists recognised as they can do everything on their terms and get in touch with fans on an intimate level.

18 Ways to Promote and Sell Your Music on Bandcamp?

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