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20 of The Best Video Ad Networks for Advertisers

Advertisers are always looking for new ways to expand in other areas of their ever-changing business. Buying new video gear is much easier and costs way less than what it said over ten years ago.

  1. Social Media

Pretty much every area of social media offers some sort of advertisement in their work. The main sites of social media, like Instagram and Facebook, do videos and advertisements very well.

YouTube is different in that sense as it works with Google ads. However, other platforms are also a great thing to use, Snapchat, for example.

  1. Verizon Advertising

Verizon is one of the biggest technology giants in America that has their touch in any type of business they can be involved in. it should not be a big surprise that they are at the top for being one of the best for running videos for different advertisements.

  1. Hulu

They have over 60 million viewers watching the advertisements that come with their videos, so you could say that the audience they have is very engaged in their work. So, overall, you can do way worse when having Hulu invest in your advertising money.

  1. Say Media.

They have full-page advertisements, different alternatives to banners, great branded content, and loads more. Since they are known for their great content, you will find some sort of video advertisement.

  1. Rubicon Project

This company is well known and is also global for the ad networks they provide and other advertising options. They also have many different tools that help you with your advertising.

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What Are Some of The Best Video Networks For Marketers In 2022?

  1. Facebook Audience Network

Whilst the use of Facebook Audience Network is a great option when you are sorting out the video advertisement, remember that they have many other factors that need to be thought of, including the location.

  1. Magnite

Magnite is a massive company for programming an advertising market with the demand for these video advertisements.  Not many of these video ad networks enjoy this, but this company does.

  1. Ad Media

This company is a unique platform, as they allow editors to use third-party videos. Some users are apprehensive about using this due to how this runs and operates. This is a method that displays ads.

  1. Teads

Teads shows video advertising to over 1 billion people a month. This is one of the few ad exchanges that will share the most high-quality videos with a massive audience like YouTube.

  1. Fyber

This tool mainly focuses on the mobile video format. However, you can choose many different options, and you can also run many other tests that help you figure out what is working and what isn’t and gain more advertisers.

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Who are Some Of The Greatest Ad Networks in 2022?

  1. Select Media

SelectMedia works with the most famous marketers and advertisers and is considered one of the most reliable video supplying companies.

Their advanced programme helps advertisers access high-quality and free video ads on a global scale with a great price point.

  1. Unruly

Unruly makes it very easy to work with advertisers and their videos as they just use a simple piece of code. This allows them to deliver the best type of content and ensure that they have used all their experience doing so.

  1. Video intelligence

This type of company is a simple video format for publishers. It takes these different video advertisements from the advertisers and posts them on the publisher’s website. They also offer to increase the levels by including other resources.

  1. Exponential

This allows these publishers to use other companies’ technology and offer different ways of advertising to current and well-known advertisers. They will also work with these publishers to edit their content and boost it

  1. Fidelity Media

Fidelity Media has over 1,00 publishers working with them to help other publishers and companies. The ad formats that they have helps with mobile web advertisements, and also banner videos too.


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Videos For Ad Networks and Advertisers

  1. Vungle

Vungle is one of the quickest and fastest mobile phone advert businesses that are only in the market. They can take the top position when convincing advertisers that there will be some helpful adjustments that they can help with. With this type of company, you will be very successful.

  1. Rhythm One

Through this company, you will be able to see a well-known advert and campaign that will help you stretch through other media areas or even other business spots. They have got great controlled movements that ensure their audience is top-notch.

  1. Tube Mogul

This big-name video advertising company was founded by high-quality manufacturers that help you get a foot in the door. The advertisements they offer are simply unique, and this is a company that should be kept an eye on.

  1. Tremor Video

They have many different people in this industry backing them up because of their advertising and video processing work. They are very detailed and precise in their work and how these two key elements are outstanding together.

  1. Undertone

Undertone is the maximum range for advertising that helps other manufacturers in the same business as them. They are one of the most extensive networks in this industry, and their work can help you tremendously, especially when it comes to the video advertisement.

20 of The Best Video Ad Networks for Advertisers

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