20 Sites Like Etsy to List Handmade Products

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20 Sites Like Etsy to List Handmade Products

There are tons of reasons why sellers choose Etsy to sell their products, especially if those products are handmade or niche. It is no wonder that Etsy is the go to platform for selling handmade products and with just shy of 7 million sellers on the platform, it is only set to grow more in popularity. With this being said, however, what was once designed to be a niche market for handcrafted products by rare and unique sellers, has experienced a drop in the quality of products over recent years. This GrowTraffic blog is intended to provide you with 20 sites like Etsy to list handmade products.

If you are looking to sell handmade products, but want to veer away from Etsy – this blog is for you!

Maybe your products aren’t ranking on Etsy? Or you are looking for a new start. Equally, diversifying your online presence and exploring other marketplaces that cater to your creativity is always a good idea. You may decide you want to push the boat out, and discover sites, to use alongside Etsy when selling your handmade products, Whether you’re looking for additional exposure or simply want to test the waters on different platforms, there are plenty of Etsy alternatives out there.

Before we take a deep dive into alternative sites to list handmade products, let’s look more generally at what you should be looking for when researching the right platform for you.

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What To Look For When Listing Handmade Products

Each e-commerce platform comes with its own set of rules and guidelines and it’s important to ensure that you are getting the most out of the platform.

Here are some key things you should look out for when researching alternative sites to list your handmade products:

  • Flexibility – What are the restrictions of the platform when it comes to images and language?
  • Traffic – How many people use this site?
  • Fees – When it comes to online marketplaces, there are usually some hidden fees when listing your handmade products. Make sure to check out what these are to ensure you get maximum commission for your work.
  • Categories – Some e-commerce sites only allow specific types of products, make sure yours falls under one of their categories!

Sites Like Etsy to List Handmade Products

Whether you are looking to diversify the online presence of your products or want to go somewhere other than Etsy, there are plenty of sites like Etsy to list handmade products.

Amazon Handmade – Amazon has a Handmade Artisan Programme which enables you to sell products through the platform. There are a few hoops to jump through but it comes with great traffic and brilliant e-commerce tools.

Aftcra – This platform is specifically for those who live in the United States. With the tagline being ‘crafted by American hands’, Aftcra is another good option for listing handmade products made in America.

Artfire – Maybe you want a bit more out of the marketplace. Artfire allows you to list creative handmade products as well as gives you the opportunity to network and connect with other local artists.

Bonanza – If you are already selling on Etsy or other platforms, Bonanza is a great way to diversify your portfolio. You can import Etsy listings here to expand your online reach.

Zibbet – With strict guidelines that products must be handmade, Zibbet is yet another great marketplace for authentic, handmade, and unique products.

Big Cartel – This platform is perfect for independent artists. Big Cartel gives sellers the freedom to customise their storefront and manage their inventory.

Craft Is ArtCraft is Art initially focussed on jewellery but has now become a larger platform, inviting sellers to list handmade products.

StorenvyStorenvy currently has over 44,000 sellers listing handmade products. This marketplace specialises in selling indie craft products.

Goimagine – Like Etsy, but only for handmade products. Goimagine is a marketplace specifically for handmade goods.

eBay – You may have already considered this if you’re an avid Etsy seller. eBay is an online marketplace for all types of things, including handmade products.

Uncommon Goods – This platform comes with some quite strict guidelines, with each individual product having to be accepted. If you want to list handmade products though, you’re in luck! Uncommon Goods tends to favour handmade and unique items.

Artful Home – More of an art gallery than an e-commerce site but another option to promote and sell your handmade goods – if they meet the criteria – is Artful Home.

SpoonflowerSpoonflower is the perfect marketplace if your handmade products consist of designs or patterns. This marketplace specialises in the selling of fabrics, wallpapers and other handmade designs.

RebelsMarket – For all you rebels out there, this is the marketplace for you! RebelsMarket is specifically aimed at craft people of alternative life cultures – a perfect way to reach a niche market.

Ruby LaneRuby Lane is especially good for those sellers who are interested in listing their vintage or antique handmade goods.

Folksy – Referred to as the UK’s biggest online craft fair, Folksy is specifically for UK sellers who want to sell their unique handmade products.

Society6 – This is similar to Spoonflower as in it is a marketplace specifically for artists’ designs and patterns. Society6 is more of a print on demand company for artists.

eCrater – This is a smaller site, but has a dedicated community. eCrater is a space where sellers can list their vintage handmade goods as well as access a forum of buyers and other sellers.

Instagram – You’re right, Instagram isn’t a marketplace. However, there is an opportunity to sell directly through its social network. Instagram shopping, a feature of a business account on the platform allows you to list your products and sell through one of the big social media names.

Facebook Marketplace – Another one of Meta’s techniques to allow sellers to list their products on the social media network. Facebook, similar to Instagram, has an option for sellers to list their products. Facebook Marketplace is primarily local but still a great way to push your handmade goods to another audience.

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List Handmade Products With GrowTraffic

If you are interested in the alternative sites to Etsy, why not give them a go?

Listing your handmade precast on an online marketplace is a fantastic way to increase sales, through targeting more than one audience. If you would like to chat with a member of our team about how else you might be able to increase the online presence of your handmade products, don’t hesitate to reach out!

You can call us today on 0161 706 0012 or email info@growtraffic.co.uk.

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