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30 Ways To Make Money Online Without A Job

Can you make money online without having a job? In theory, yes! But making money online would then become your job…however, making money online isn’t a conventional job and that’s why so many people find the idea attractive.

Working from home has become a reality for a lot more people since the COVID 19 pandemic, but many people still wish to escape their 9-5 jobs, be their own boss, earn passive income and have a digital job.

In most cases, earning enough money online to live on and pay your bills would mean whatever it is you are doing has now become your job. You would still have to work hard and put in the effort.

On the other hand, if you want to earn money online to supplement your regular income, there are a variety of ways to do that! Here are 30 ways you can start earning money online today.

30 Ways To Earn Money Online

  1. Surveys – if you love filling out forms then this is the one for you! Companies will pay you to take surveys and if you do enough of them, you can earn hundreds of pounds a year. Read this blog to find the best survey sites.
  2. Mystery Shopping – mystery shopping has been a thing for as long as there have been shops. Take a look here to find out how you become a mystery shopper and then keep an eye out for online opportunities.
  3. Competitions – whilst entering competitions isn’t a guaranteed way to make money, if you enter enough competitions, you will win eventually! Remember you can always sell any prizes you win.
  4. Reviews – how about getting paid to review products? Not all review partnerships will have a cash reward but it’s still fun to receive free products!
  5. Cashback/Reward Schemes – cashback schemes are brilliant for everybody, not just those wanting to make a living online. Top Cashback is very popular and Airtime Rewards helps you earn money off your phone bill.
  6. Selling Things – you can truly sell anything online these days. From your old clothes to books. For general items use eBay or Facebook, but sites like Depop and Vinted are very popular for clothing. For more unique items look at specialist resale sites.
  7. Open A Shop – can you make anything? If so, you can open a shop online reality easily! You can also use sites like Etsy to set up a shop. Even if you don’t make your own products, if you think of a niche shop idea or pick up on a trend early enough you can resell products.
  8. Create Stock Photos – do you have a decent camera? If so, you can sell your photographs to companies that provide stock images.
  9. Dropshipping – dropshipping has become super popular over the last few years and is ideal for people wanting to sell goods online that don’t have their own storage facilities. With dropshipping, you market and sell products, but orders are then fulfilled by a third party. Read more on dropshipping here.
  10. OnlyFans – no point beating around the bush…most of you will know what OnlyFans is and selling pictures and videos of yourself online has become more and more socially acceptable in 2022.
  11. YouTube – if you love to create videos then why not set up a YouTube channel? Some of the highest earners online are YouTube influencers.
  12. Instagram – the top Instagram influencers can earn big money for PR work, but this is only an option for people wanting to put the time into becoming ‘online famous’. First, you need to build a following and then wait for brands to reach out to you. Even then, a lot of brands will pay you in products rather than cash, but it is possible to earn cash if you have a popular account and align well with a brand’s values or style.
  13. TikTok – TikTok is the younger generation’s Instagram and popular creators earn mega bucks.
  14. Gaming – did you know people play games online and other people give them money? Sites like Twitch are very popular with gamers.
  15. Blogging – writing your own blog can be quite lucrative when it comes to adverts. Despite many people saying the era of the blogger is over, many blogs still receive thousands of visitors each month.
  16. Build A Website – why not build your own website? There are various ways to monetise websites. The best websites are ones that are dedicated to specific subjects and have regular fresh content on them.
  17. Courses – particularly popular in the last two years, selling online courses has become the go-to for anyone that has a particular skill set. If you have skills or knowledge in a particular area, you could potentially earn thousands selling courses online.
  18. Tutoring – online tutoring is easy to get started with, especially if you are bilingual! You can teach a wide range of subjects, but you will usually need to have a qualification in the area you want to teach.
  19. Translating – another good one for those that speak more than one language…did you know that you can get paid to translate online?an image of the word translate on a computer keyboard
  20. eBooks – eBooks can be monetised, but you need to really know what you’re talking about to make people want to pay for an eBook. If you have in-depth knowledge on a particular topic then take your time to put together an eBook you think people would be willing to pay for. What can you tell people that they can’t get for free elsewhere?
  21. Templates – don’t have the skill set to write an eBook? Then how about creating an eBook template? If you’re good at design work, you can create and sell templates online for just about anything. They can even be sold through Amazon.
  22. Writing – are you any good at writing? Copywriters are always in demand online. If you can specialise in a couple of areas, you can quickly gain a reputation within an industry and the work will flow in.
  23. Social Media Management – are you great at social media? Do you ever see brands post and think you could improve what they are doing? Why not consider being a freelance social media manager?
  24. Freelancing – take on odd jobs (gigs) online that you know you can complete quickly – this is ideal for copywriters and designers. Fivver is a popular platform to use.
  25. PPC Management – Pay Per Click managers are always in demand but you need to know your stuff and be excellent at analysing data and have good organisational skills.
  26. Virtual PA – if you are a super organised person then you may find working as an online assistant or PA to be right up your street, you will need good admin skills for this one.
  27. Stocks – investing in stocks can seem scary for a beginner and results aren’t guaranteed. Check out this post for tips for beginners.
  28. Matched Betting matched betting exploded in popularity a few years ago. You essentially take advantage of free offers and promotions offered by betting companies to earn money.
  29. Cryptocurrency – to make money using cryptocurrency you will need financial as well as computer knowledge. Watch out for any schemes that seem too good to be true though.
  30. NFTs – a non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital asset. These can be sold and traded online but I’m not going to lie…you need to take your time to understand how it works!
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