35 of The Best Free and Paid Press Release Submission Sites

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35 of The Best Free and Paid Press Release Submission Sites

Getting the word out about your website is absolutely vital to increase sales, build reputation and make professional connections. With that being said, however, as our era is continuously leaning more toward the digital, it is becoming more and more difficult to compete with a swarm of businesses trying to get their name out there too! Press release submission is a topic that many digital marketers may shy away from, for that reason exactly! To achieve a successful press release strategy, whilst competing with the masses online can be tough. In all honesty, the way press release submissions work hasn’t changed an awful amount over time, despite the obvious – going online. If you are looking for the best free and paid press release submission sites – this is the blog for you.

There are a multitude of press release submission sites that act as a vital resource for digital marketers that want to reach a large audience. The amount of press release submission sites on the internet seems endless, there are a select number of sites with the bank of news, journalists, influencers and media that you are no doubt searching for! Let us help you sieve through them!

This list of press release directories will cover both free and paid sites for your press release submission – all of which we believe are really worth using! The platforms we offer in this list offer various features and reach, meaning there will most definitely be a few that fit your needs and budget.

Free Press Release Submission Sites

Online PR News: Online PR News is a free site where you can submit press releases in order to gain visibility and improve reach.

PR Log: Allowing you to include images and links for free, PRLog is a great place to start distributing your press releases.

IssueWire: IssueWire helps distributors to reach a network for free!

News Wire Today: News Wire Today is another free site, however, it does have paid packages which upgrade your submissions – speeding the process of getting them live.

Open PR: A free submission site for press releases that is great for specific industries. Open PR has limitations to what you can submit, depending on your industry.

PR.com: PR.com offers both free and paid packages as well as options that allow you to target specific industries.

PR Zoom: PR Zoom also offers premium releases, however does have a free option.

The Open Press: The Open Press has a large authority when not comes to press release submission sites – what’s better is… it’s free!

1888 Press Release: 1888 Press Release is a free directory for press release submissions. They also have paid plans enabling your press releases to go further, including on other websites and blogs!

PR Leap: PR Leap is a free press release submission site which comes with some additional SEO benefits.

PR Free: PR Free, although quite quiet – only one submission per week, has good authority and is a good option for those wanting to get started.

Pressbox: Pressbox is a PR site, specifically catering to a number of niche industries. It’s free distribution service also comes with the option to include multimedia, which some other free PR platforms lack.

Express Press Release – Express Press Release is a free site with high authority. It also has an upgraded paid version for those companies and agencies that may have a large number of press releases to submit.

Press Release Point – Completely free and featuring large businesses – we like the sound of that! Press Release Point is a large site with an active presence.

PR Fire: PR Fire allows free press release submissions along with paid options for some additional features.

24-7 Press Release: 24-7 Press Release is a free press release submission site with a focus on search engine visibility.

Market Press Release: Market Press Release is an active site, with high authority – publishing several articles every day.

Paid Press Release Submission Sites

Newswire: Newswire.com is a PR submission service that includes paid features that focus heavily on SEO and multimedia distribution.

PR Newswire: Not to be confused with the first, PR Newswire is also a paid site which offers extensive distribution to major media outlets.

Business Wire: Business Wire is quite a well known submission site, offering broad distribution of press releases as well as access to analytics.

Global Newswire: We know, there are a lot of ‘newswires’ but stay with us! Global Newswire does what it says on the tin – helps you reach a global network! This service specialises in financial new distribution primarily.

24-7 Press Release – We have touched on this in our ‘free’ section of the blog, however 24-7 press release submissions that are paid, tend to get better reach and wider visibility, so it is definitely worth mentioning here too! 

PR Underground: PR Underground is a paid distribution service which offers affordable packages, focusing on SEO.

eReleases: eReleases is not only a submission site, but its paid services offer professional PR writing.

Press Release Power: Press Release Power is a paid platform which again offers both writing and distribution services.

Presswire: Presswire offers its distributors access to media outlets and journalists.

Send2Press: This site focuses on targeted press release distribution. Send2Press is a paid submission site that offers premium distribution to businesses.

PRWeb: With the catchphrase ‘increasing digital word of mouth’ PR Web does exactly that! This submission site offers paid distribution with features such as social media sharing.

ReleaseWire: ReleaseWire is a paid press release submission site that goes one step further. By allowing you to distribute press releases, and multimedia and manage your media contacts, this site gives a thorough approach to PR.

PR Distribution: PR Distribution offers different tiered paid packages that are designed to help distributors increase traffic.

NewsWire Jet: NewsWire Jet helps your press release submissions reach well known news networks.

PRJet: Press Release Jet is a paid submission site which offers its users various plans, all with quick turnaround times!

AccessWire: AccessWire is a comprehensive submission site which offers a number of services including paid PR distribution.

PRFire: Another one we mentioned earlier! Its paid packages offer distributors the chance to reach a wide range of outlets in their industry.

Press Release Submission With GrowTraffic

At GrowTraffic, we provide a number of off-page SEO services, including press releases.

If you want your news to travel far, gaining reach and online visibility – that is what we do.

Press releases are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to boosting your visibility online, but albeit a great place to start! 

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If you want to learn more about how GrowTraffic can support you with your press release submission, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

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