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5 Alternatives to Hello Bar That You Can Download for Free

Hello bar is one of the most popular and eye-catching online notification tools used by so many marketers and people online. Still, because people realise it isn’t free, they are not using it as often.

This isn’t always the case, though, as these tools can be beneficial for your marketing business as they can lead to new high-quality leads, gain more visitors through your main sales page, and so many more advantages.

What Are Some Of The Different Free Tools?

Hello Bar alternatives

  1. WordPress notification bar

WordPress and its notification bar is a relatively new concept and has a link to the website and app. This plugin has many different options that you can download for free until you feel like you want this to be a permanent fixture for your business which then you will have to pay a certain amount a month.

Another great feature of this specific point is that this type of plugin can only be seen in particular locations, and if you are not careful, it can turn off certain parts of your content. But this plugin can be changed and gives you many other options to do this.

Some of the other features of this are:

  1. An unlimited amount of notification bars
  2. A complete source of social media platforms
  3. Many different notification types
  4. Your custom HTML support
  5. So many colour scheme options

How Does Sumo Link To Hello Bar As A Free Download?

  1. Sumo

Sumo is one of the most amazing powerhouses that is known online today. It also comes with a hello bar alternative and is free to download, and also has a very high rating as well as many other features that are involved with them.

The hello bar alternative they have for this is their bright bar, which is so much more flexible compared to other ones on the market.

Another great feature of Sumo is that their plugin has many different sources, such as a highlighter, image connections and a simple scroll box. The highlighter can be used to share your social media, the image sharer can help with the content you post, and the scroll box is something you can see all over the web.

Is Site Kit A Great Alternative For A Hello Bar Free Download?

  1. Site kit

The site kit is one of the best hello bar alternatives you can use for your business. The best part is you can download it for free.

One great thing about this website and tool is the fact that you can create and customise it to your liking or what suits your business, as well as how the themes are and when and how you decide to publish this kind of creation.

Apart from the intelligent bar, you can include pop-ups and other ways to contact your customers and clients.

Does Sleek Note Have What It Takes To Be The Best Alternative For Hello Bar?

  1. Sleek note

The sleek note is the perfect alternative for the hello bar, especially if you want to control certain parts of your business. Unfortunately, the only issue with this one is that it is not free to download, and you will have to pay a certain amount.

The main feature that this option can offer is that it can be included with many different parts of your business, such as your targeting levels, integrations that are included in your email marketing services, and the kind of testing that you can do.

You have control over how everything works and happens through your website and what your main notification bar looks like, and how it is represented to your customers and clients.

Great Options Compared To Hello Bar

  1. Attention grabber

Attention grabber is an easy link to the hello bar that offers many of the same features. The great thing is that this option is free to download and is entirely customisable to what you are looking for about your business.

Another great link to the hello bar is that you can redirect your primary line of traffic and link it to your conversion pages or even just be proactive and link them to your client’s and customers’ email addresses, so you have them for future reference.

Be careful, though, as this kind of link to the hello bar can only be used through your business email linked to their website. This is something valuable to remember. Also, this site has some pretty high users, but they need to work on their rating levels.

5 Alternatives to Hello Bar That You Can Download for Free

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