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5 Case Studies of Successful Retargeting Ad Campaigns

Suppose you know what PPC advertising is and have been looking at it over the last few years. In that case, you will have probably noticed that remarketing or retargeting ads have happened with social media like Facebook.

You might have seen certain marketing headlines promising you many different things. But unfortunately, those retargeting ad headlines are all just dreams and are not achievable from retargeting.

All About Retargeting and Remarketing

Retargeting and Remarketing are pretty similar, so it is straightforward to use them both for the same reason. Google even changed which one of them they use for the conversations in their systems.

Retargeting ads mainly focus on how they display advertisements, reaching those clients and networks through PPC advertising that has happened through the engagement of your business.

Case Study #1 Watch finder

This first case study focuses on the watch finder brand; they are a company that sells high-end used watches.

Since their audience is pretty tight, they do have a specific way of buying these watches as they have realised that less than 1% of people that visit their business buy from them.

This is a great situation where these retargeting ads are concerned, as you can reach and inform those clients to step in at the right time and make that purchase on the watch that they have been looking at a lot.

This study mainly focuses on Google ads by using their analytics to piece together all of the correct data about the people that visit their page so they can produce a vast retargeting ad list.

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Case Study #2 World First and Periscopix

This second case study is all about the world. First, that is a well-known, trusted foreign currency exchange service. So, they knew that retargeting was crucial to remain at the top of their form.

With the help of Periscopix, they have been able to:

  1. Reduce their cost per acquisition by 99%, especially if the user has converted to a better retargeting level.
  2. Increase all sign ups to their known accounts in the UK and even in Australia by 28% and 105%

They achieved this by letting Periscopix describe their approach through a four-tiered hierarchical retargeting strategy.

Case Study #3 StoryWorth

Story Worth has a tremendous retargeting ad website and visitor strategy through Facebook ads, as this has helped them re-engage with their customers and clients through their testimonials.

Through the reinforcement of the testimonials and a video slide show, they have shown others how to create their own story with the service they offer.

Finally, the ad copy they have used explains the benefit of using their service as it is so straightforward to use.

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Case Study #4 Xero Accounting

Xero accounting is an excellent example of a retargeting ad as it is known for how they are towards its customers and the previous interaction that it had with them.

After they have been able to generate many different views from the blog posts, they then use these retargeting ads to cater to those specific visitors who haven’t signed up with them and download a template.

This then allows them as a company to recover the previously lost visitors and clients they might have had, helps them accelerate their journey and build on that trust before the sale takes place.

Advertising campaigns are not the only way to require these targeted ads to help build excellent brand awareness and develop that trust over time.

Make sure you consider what type of ad you want to target and how. If the customers do not convert, this will affect the content of the advertisement you have created.

Case Study 5# Grammarly

Grammarly does not solely rely on one form of advertising for their excellent retargeting ad campaign. The company is known for running killer text advertisements.

Grammarly is not that discrete when it comes to how they retarget. The main thing is that understand the value of the interest that people will have over this and that they will be found wherever these visitors are on the web.

At this point, you will be able to see if you can use this kind of technique in your ad campaign.

Grammarly has also been smart when including the retargeting campaign as they have included it in many different ways through their Google and Facebook advertisements

Grammarly’s video concept does a phenomenal job of displaying their product and what it does and how it can help you with your business.

The team knows that this video is a great advertisement feature and that videos can improve the conversion rates that your business has significantly.

5 Case Studies of Successful Retargeting Ad Campaigns

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