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5 Good Reasons To Use Freelancers

In the interests of fair disclosure, I suppose I should probably state, before we go any further, that you’re probably not going to get a fair and balanced article here: as a Freelance Copywriter, I will admit that I may be slightly biased. Bearing that in mind, I’m about to give you 5 good reasons why hiring freelance copywriters is miles better than wasting all your money on expensive agency copywriters. See, not biased in the slightest! 

Why I’m a Freelancer

I’d love to be able to say that I’m a Freelance SEO Consultant because being a freelancer is in my soul but the real reason is actually rather more prosaic; I’m a freelancer out of necessity. As I suffer from a somewhat aggressive form of a condition called Degenerative Disc Disease, which leaves me in pain for the majority of every day, and as my 5 year old son has recently started to attend the primary school that is 2 minutes up the road from our house, working from home was less of a career choice and more of a career obligation. Basically, if I wanted to continue to work (which I did) then I needed to do it from home and on my own terms.

Hence, making the move from the corporate (well, public sector) world to that of the freelancers was a choice that I was forced to make perhaps a few years earlier than initially planned, but it was none the less a move that I am incredibly glad I made. I won’t pretend that there haven’t been a few ups and downs and a good deal of adjustment but, on the whole, I honestly believe that by being a Freelance Copywriter, I am now of more benefit to myself and, in turn, to my clients and these are the main 5 reasons why.


  • A Better Work Life Balance

One of the biggest concerns around working from home is that of discipline; like many people before me, I was unsure about whether or not I would be disciplined enough to do the requisite amount of work once I started working from home, or that I would spend my time procrastinating, but the opposite is actually true; I now enjoy writing so much more that I find myself picking up my laptop at every opportunity.

Having said that, I do still have time to do all the things that are important to us as a family, such as walk my son to and from school and help him with his homework. I can also now work my job around my pain, which reduces the number of working hours that are lost as a result of it.

The upshot is that freelancers working from home are, generally speaking, much better at balancing their working life with their other priorities and commitments, making them a happier workforce who are less resentful of the work they do and therefore much more inclined to do that work justice.


  • More Productive

In my previous job, I worked in a large, open plan office that also housed about 15 other people; it was noisy, there were phones ringing constantly, people were talking to each other about work related issues and non work related issues and, most annoying of all, people (me included!) would shout to each other across the office rather than getting up and walking to the other person’s desk. Getting any work done at all was difficult, but work that involved concentration was impossible.

Now, working from home on my laptop, I can sit in the garden if it’s sunny or in front of the fire if it’s cold, I can sit downstairs with my dogs or upstairs with my cats, I can even work whilst my son is at home, as I am becoming very skilled at blocking out the droning noise of Cbeebies! What’s more, I can sit and work for hours at a time or I can pick my laptop up whenever I have a spare 10 minutes and I can work during the week and at weekends, meaning that I am probably putting in more hours than I did when I worked a Monday to Friday 9 – 5. As a result, I am much more productive than I ever used to be; there is not only more of it, but my work is also much better than the drivel I used to churn out.


  • Better Price

Admittedly, as I am now in the house for the majority of most days, I can’t deny that my heating bill has gone up and I am, naturally, using more electricity, so my household bills have been adversely affected to a small degree. Having said that, my overheads are nowhere near what they would be were I to be working from an office. Whether working for myself or for another company, if I were working out of an office then the cost of hiring me would necessarily incorporate the cost of the overheads, such as the rental fee on the office, the cost of energy, the associated personnel or tax expenditure etc.

As a freelancer, I have none of those overheads (or, if you want to be picky – as my husband undoubtedly will – I have those overheads but just on a vastly reduced scale); instead, the fee that I charge is the fee for hiring an experienced, expert SEO copywriter. As the client, you can be certain that, when paying for me to write your website’s copy, you are paying for talent and expertise, not a swanky office.


  • Increased Flexibility

As I have already mentioned, as someone who sets their own schedule and can, theoretically at least, work at any time, I am infinitely more flexible than your average agency copywriter. The majority of freelancers will work at any hour of the day or night (though hopefully not all at once!), meaning that we are flexible and can fit around the needs of our clients.

Particularly for those who work unconventional hours, clients hiring freelancers can be fairly confident of getting hold of them at the drop of a hat and outside of office hours. As an employer, you can ensure that your workforce is responsive and can react to the needs of your business and your business’s clients in turn.


  • Less Hassle           

Let’s face it, taking on employees is tricky on a number of levels; for all the right reasons, there are implications to be considered in relation to tax and employment law, to name just a few. A lot of businesses struggle to justify taking on additional staff and, particularly if the project at hand is only a temporary one, then there is little reason for them to do so. Hence, once a business has recognised that a certain task needs doing, such as re-writing the content on the company’s website, it is often more prudent to employ an outside party, such as an agency or Freelance Copywriter, to complete it.

The problem with working with an agency is that often you are tied in to lengthy and expensive contracts, occasionally also meaning that you pay for benefits or services that you don’t need. With freelancers, you only pay for exactly the work that you have commissioned and, more often than not, contracts are only short term or even nonexistent. Additionally, freelancers are self-employed, so all the hassle of expanding your workforce is someone else’s worry. This gives your company a flexible and responsive workforce for a fraction of the cost and hassle.


Hire Me!

So the conclusion of my rambling is this; if you’re in need of any copy penning, particularly if you need an SEO copywriter to help boost your company’s online profile, then you could do yourself a big favour by avoiding agency copywriters and employing us freelancers instead.

As I said at the beginning, I’m not in any way impartial on this subject, but I do guarantee that hiring me as your copywriter will ensure a much better return on your investment than going to an agency. As a specialist SEO Copywriter, I concentrate on this alone; instead of a marketing agency, trying to be all things to all people, I focus on writing text that helps you grow your business online. I’m not a web designer, a PPC marketer or a Google Analytics expert; I’m a writer, plain and simple, and I work hard to make sure that I write copy that does what it’s supposed to.


Contact GrowTraffic

If you’d like to get in touch to see what I can do for you and your business then you can contact me in the following ways: by email at, by phone on 07455 138 803 or by completing the Contact Form on this website. Alternatively, please leave me a comment at the bottom and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for your input and I look forward to hearing from you.

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