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5 Reasons To Build A New Website

The exponential growth of the internet has been witnessed in the past years, with more and more businesses building new websites in order to make their mark on the ever changing and further developing World Wide Web.

Although there are more and more businesses turning to create a website in order to further project themselves across the internet, there are still many who don’t see having a website as a necessity. To those people – we are talking to you! We believe that the online presence of a business can be the thing that transforms a business from being quiet to booming with leads and customers, regardless of the internet.

Why Should I Build A New Website?

We know, as digital experts, that you need a website, but don’t just take our word for it! Here are our top 5 reasons to build a new website.


The chances of you being the only one out there doing what you do is slim, the Internet is full of competitors and without being on the SERPs you will quite simply, be missed. How often do you, as a consumer, hear of a brand or product and head straight to Google? If you then couldn’t find that brand online, how credible would you deem their organisation?

It is likely that without having an online presence, your customers will begin to question your legitimacy. In the digital age, we find ourselves navigating, more often than not, consumers turn to the internet to advise on their buying decisions. Having a website, and a good website at that, is a key way of showing you are credible, real and making a great impression amongst your competitors.

Organic Traffic

It wouldn’t be a GrowTraffic blog without exploring the importance of growing your traffic! Having a well optimised website improves your chances of showing up on SERPs, therefore increasing the probability of people visiting your site, even better, investing in your product or services! Having a website is a sure way of growing your customer base.

Digital Marketing

Driving traffic to a website is a key way of leveraging your digital marketing strategy. When you start to incorporate social media plans and ads, it is useful to have a landing page or a website to drive your potential buyers to. Having a website allows you to further understand your existing customers and focus your ads and marketing strategies.

Customer Service

A website allows all your information to be in one place, minimising the time needed for customer service. Reducing the time needed for customer service calls and queries by offering necessary information on your website, increases internal productivity. A website also allows you to keep customers updated, sharing news and updates about your services. Gone are the days of paper newsletters, with a website you can let people know updates, anytime from anywhere.


There is a reason why people swap business cards in a professional exchange – it is a simple way of trading details and developing professional relationships as well as showcasing your brand. The same works with a website! A website, like a business card, allows you to establish who you are, what you do, and where to find you. Developing this connection and relationship is ultimately what turns a lead into a buying (and hopefully returning) customer.

Building A Website With GrowTraffic

Although we could reel off reasons to build a new website until we are blue in the face, we are often met with businesses who aren’t convinced, more often than not the reason being that it’s ‘too expensive’. This is where the antidote to other SEO agencies comes in (us!)

AT GrowTraffic we can help build you a new website, but not just any website, a well SEO optimised site, intended to bring in new customers and increase your online profile, without breaking the bank.

Our SEO friendly, branded websites start at just £1,100 and include a wide range of features that we are sure will set you apart from your industry competitors such as;

  • Customised theme
  • Populated footer
  • 5 pages built
  • SSL certificate 
  • Social media buttons

And so much more!

If you would like to speak to a GrowTraffic member of staff regarding building a new website, feel free to get in touch!

Call our team today on 0161 706 0012 or email info@growtraffic.co.uk

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