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5 Steps to Create a Sales Funnel Email Sequence

More often than not, every Business in the marketing industry will always be thinking about how they can acquire more customers by including a sales funnel and email sequence.

Having this will help to work as a leading rail track guide. It will help you find your potential customers as smoothly as possible from A-B without overthinking the fact that they might get lost during this new process.

What Is An Email Marketing Funnel?

An email marketing funnel is the sequence of all emails that have been sent to a set schedule of leads for helping to convert them into hopefully long-term customers. An email marketing funnel is how a particular person goes from a user to a customer within your email journey.

Below are some of the most up-to-date stats on email marketing. They are:

  1. All users add up to 3.7 billion
  2. The leading online check of the day is 58%
  3. The daily channel percentage is 91%
  4. The deal from a known company is 44%
  5. The user that has decided to make a purchase based on the email that they have received is 66%

What Types Of Emails Do You Send Out In This Sequence?

There are two primary forms of emails that you send out. One is a broadcast email, which will be sent out to everyone on your email list simultaneously.

The other one is an autoresponder or what is also known as which is the drip campaign. This is when a timer on the set of emails is triggered when you get the notification that a new user has signed up for your mailing list.

Mailchimp is a useful tool for content marketing

What Are Some Of The Main Steps To Create A Sales Funnel Email Sequence?

Step 1:  identify the purpose of your business email campaign

Right at the very beginning, there are many different links and purposes for your email sequence and campaigns, which will be the foundation that everything will be able to follow.

Below are some examples of this.

  1. The main welcome sequence

This particular series of emails will welcome a primary user to the fold of this process, the community, or even better, the product.

The first part of this is pretty simple, as it is a broad overview of what they do to reach specific goals.

  1. The challenge

This part of the series of these emails and its primary goal is to be able to provoke a reaction from all of these new customers.

By including a persuasive blog, you can run this challenge by providing some simple steps to show how this is performed with new emails every day.

  1. The simple sales funnel

This is one of the most accessible parts of this sequence. It will work the best when your mailing list is linked to something like a book about this particular topic and doesn’t necessarily rely on one primary purchase.

  1. The up-sell

This last part of the puzzle is often seen on other marketing websites like Amazon.

As you will investigate or even buy a particular product, and then they will start to send you an email linked to the items that you have previously liked or even acknowledged.

How To Engage Through An Email Sales Funnel?

Step two: the engagement level 

You have now figured out the main steps of this email sequence process, and you are sending out the right kind of emails to your services as the main line of the solution.

If your customers start to receive some helpful levels of content that link to this, they may want you to help them further, allowing them to trust you and your Business.

This will be a significant factor as it helps you to build your customer engagement levels.

Email marketing is a cost-effective digital marketing strategies

How Can We Generate The Right Kind Of Leads Through This Email Sequence?

Step 3: generate leads

Having a successful email marketing campaign through your mail email sequence would not work if you do not have a great list of emails to send.

What you need to focus on during this particular stage is the quality of your list and whether it is worth using or not. Ensure that your new customers are relevant, link to this, and fall under the lead category.

There are two main points to follow, and they are:

  1. Opt-in forms

These forms are linked to your website to enquire your customer’s email as well as other parts of information, such as their name and where they work.

  1. All landing pages

These are the main pages with a lead magnet attached, such as a free trial or something like that.

Can You Include Opt-In Forms In An Email Sequence?

Step four: include opt-in forms 

Opt-in forms are a great way to capture the kind of contact details that you want to include in this email sequence. This could be of your visitors and their email addresses, phone numbers and anything else that you think is relevant.

Use any company that knows what they are doing and can target the opt-in forms you use to generate leads for your email funnel.

You can find this form anywhere on your website or where you post your content in the form of popups that your customers, users and website visitors will not miss.

Should You Communicate With People That Don’t Buy Through Your Email Marketing Sequence?

Step five: communicate with non-buyers

You also need to find a way to communicate with non-buyers about your email sequence. This could be as simple as sending a follow-up email initially after they didn’t purchase anything.

Kindly ask them why they didn’t purchase from your site. This is a great marketing tool to include.

5 Steps to Create a Sales Funnel Email Sequence

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