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5 Tech Companies Doing Digital Marketing Right

Some companies do digital marketing right and some…well, some do not.

Now we aren’t here to bash other agencies. That isn’t our style. We like to focus on the positives. So, we are going to give you a rundown of 5 companies we admire.

But first things first, what do we mean by right?

What Is Good Digital Marketing?

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Good digital marketing is difficult to pin down because it depends on your objectives.

It is accurate, well researched, holistic, consistent, and measurable.

But it is way more than that.

Good digital marketing results in better sales, increased brand awareness and added financial value in the company.

Better Sales

Not more sales?


Not just more sales.

You don’t want to sell your services or goods to all the wrong people because it actually damages your ROI.

Picture this. You sell your product or service to someone who only wants it once or feels it isn’t quite right for them.

You aren’t going to get repeat custom from them, and they won’t tell their mates how wonderful you are.

Selling to the right people at the right time means they will actually create sales for you themselves by raving about how great you are, at least doubling your return on your marketing investment.

Good digital marketing companies understand this and will work to drive the right people to your website and social media.

Their activity is really tailored to your business.

And they take great pains to understand the buyer journey of your customers.

Increased Brand Awareness

The bigger your brand, the better known your company is-duh! Brand awareness is super important in ensuring your digital marketing strategy is effective.

Again, this comes down to maximising your return on investment.

If no one knows what the heck you do or who you are, no one will buy from you. Or worse, if they don’t actually like your brand or resonate with it, they will purposefully steer clear.

A great digital marketing agency will work on your brand awareness as part of their overall strategy. They will understand the importance.

Added Financial Value

The value of a company isn’t just headcount and sales ledgers. As this article sets out, there are lots of things that come into play when valuing a business, assets being one.

These days, your website and online presence is an asset. It is your sales pipeline and lead generator and there is a financial value attached to that.

You might never want to sell your business, but you might want to offer shares to employees, get investment or even just do your taxes.

A great digital marketing agency will understand that and will work to increase the value of your online presence.

The Top 5 Digital Marketing Agencies Out There

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Ok, now that we have established that, who are our top 5?

In no particular order!

Herron + Co


Located: Sheffield

What we like about these guys is they build a bespoke team around what your business needs (assumedly through a band of merry freelancers and experts). This means each person working on an account is handpicked, reducing costs and improving performance (hopefully).

We really like this fresh approach. Frankly, it pisses us off that great work is often reserved for the big businesses with the massive budgets. This approach throws the digital and creative doors open to everyone. Yippee!

Logica Digital


Located: Sheffield

These guys get it! They combine a range of disciplines to create a holistic approach that works to improve the ROI on the marketing spend.

And they do their research! Feedback from their clients include gems such as ‘they took the time to really understand our business.’ Huzzah!



Located: Nottingham

This agency is super creative. Their backlink building strategy for a client, Amica, was mega! They also run free digital marketing meetups and trade ethically, stating on their website:

‘transparency and trust were at the forefront of everything; …ethical strategies yielded sustainable results’

Go Boom!

high five for tech companies doing digital marketing right

Soap Media


Located: Preston & Manchester

Voted the number one agency for customer satisfaction by The Drum in 2020, we simply had to include them! Plus, they won the BIBA’s Digital Marketing Business Of The Year. Wowee!

They have some incredibly impressive clients and some seriously impressive skills to match! 16 years in the business means they must be doing it right, right?



Located: Manchester

This website is absolutely GORGEOUS! But obviously they haven’t made it onto this list just for that. They have some great awards, such as Best Innovation.

But what we really liked them for was their SEO knowledge is ON POINT and done in house. Superb!


And of course…US!

GrowTraffic is an award-winning digital marketing agency with a specialism in SEO. We live and die by our values-honesty, integrity, and transparency.

Everything we do for our clients is targeted at increasing their business value, generating good sales, and increasing brand awareness but we do it without neglecting our values.

Feel free to get in touch to book in a chat with one of us. We won’t work with you if we don’t think we can help you so you have nothing to lose!

Call us on 0161 706 0012 or email

Until next time,

Hannah x

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