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5 Top Tips To Improve Your Business Networking

In this week’s GTFO (GrowTraffic Figures It Out) Rachel was joined by a special guest, Liam Mulligan, to discuss their 5 top tips to improve your business networking.

The panel might have been short this week, but the content didn’t suffer. It was a nice intimate chat about the importance of networking.

Business networking has always been an integral part of GrowTraffic, who doesn’t want to meet new people and connect? In fact, it seems more people want to, and have.

‘Over the past year 40% more businesses went networking’ the reason behind it being online networking is easier and less time consuming.

“Business networking changed my life, and that’s no exaggeration. I found my future wife and the path I wanted to go down in business.” – Liam

GTFO: Five Top Tips To Improve Your Business Networking

In today’s GTFO, Rachel will be joined by Liam Mulligan to talk about how business networking can help you grow your business, and to give you five top tips to make sure you boss it every time. #Business #Networking #Marketing

Posted by GrowTraffic on Friday, November 12, 2021


Main points:

1.    Turn up with purpose.

Who wants to waste time and not get anything out of it? Turning up with purpose is the only way to be.

“Always go to a networking meeting with the intention of booking in two coffees with people” Liam

If you’re new to networking, have an action plan before you hit the screens or walk into that room. Be prepared to have the week after free and never attend if you’re unavailable, you’re wasting peoples time if so. Have that purpose of following up your 1:1s and not leaving it for weeks.

Your purpose might be different than booking 2 coffees in, it might be having at least 1 meaningful conversation. What we are getting at is, be purposeful to your individual/business strategies.

2.    Be specific.

No one likes a bullshitter who beats around the bush, be specific who you are, what your business is and who your perfect client is.

The most successful networkers are specific, you want to trigger other networkers who might think, oh I know someone who wants that. People will remember that rather than edging towards a very broad definition.

3.    Give, more than you take.

Think about the impact it will have on others if you’re constantly giving, and in networking terms it will be referrals. In that position, you want to repay the favour. Liam talks about a sense of guilt and wants help both ways.

The best way to generate referrals is to allow people to give you referrals because they owe you something. But, give first before you receive. If somebody helps you, it’s naturally in us to want to help them back and nothing changes in small communities like networking.

4.    Hold yourself accountable

Accountability is key to getting more out of your relationships, whether that be business or life in general. Do what you say you’re going to do, turn up when you say so, it allows your relationship to be open, honest and builds trust.

After all, you don’t do business with someone you can’t trust.

Task management tools such as Monday or Asana are great ways to set yourself tasks and allows you to focus on certain tasks at certain times. Or if you’re not good at accountability put systems in place to remind yourself.

5.    Don’t be a knob

We all have competition in our select industries, but can you list out of each competitor which ones you would talk to and get along 1:1?

This is one of the main factors to referring. Being involved in a number of networking groups you meet businesses in the same sector, but not being ‘knob’ will stand you out from the rest and surprisingly get more business 

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