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5 Ways To Get Readers To Your Blog

It can be frustrating slogging away crafting great content if no one is reading it. Trying to get readers to your blog can seem like a major challenge in itself.

The strategy you take to increase your blog readership will depend on the purpose of your blog but here I have listed the five most basic ways to get readers to your blog, whatever your motive for blogging.

(Sidebar-blogging can help your business in some major ways. It can be a business in itself if your blog really takes off.)

Let’s have a look.

Five Ways To Get Readers To Your Blog

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1) Write about something interesting

You might feel like this goes without saying but you would be amazed how many blogs are just so dull. (Hopefully this blog doesn’t fall into that category!)

Blog to answer questions that people are actually asking in Google about your questions.

For example, if you are a mortgage broker, you might answer these questions.

People read blogs to learn something or for entertainment. They don’t very often read blogs to find out who in your office has had a birthday or that you have bought new vans.

This is a harsh truth, so I am going to say it loudly.


Please, I beg you-stop writing about it so much.

The occasional blog is fine if something really good has happened. A change in service, an award, a load of new starters. Or even how your services or products will benefit the reader.

Otherwise stick to answers questions people want the answer to.

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Keep it light in tone if appropriate.

2) Share it on socials

If you are just plonking your blog on your website and not sharing it on socials, you are not going to get readers to your blog. Or, at least, not as many as you want!

Make sure you are sharing your blogs a few times on each of your social channels. Don’t neglect Pinterest and Reddit. They can drive some awesome traffic to your site.

3) Promote it everywhere

woman reading a book for blog by GrowTraffic on how to get readers to your blog In fact, don’t just stop at socials. To get readers to your blog, you need to give them every opportunity to find it!

Put links in your email footer, on your header menu, on your social profiles, etc.

Tell people about it when you meet them in person.

You should also link to it from your internal web pages.

4) Guest blog

Most people are happy to receive guest posts on their website. Choose some quality websites that are relevant to your own and reach out to them. Offer to write a blog about their service, or something that will benefit their site as well.

This helps in two ways.

Firstly, by promoting yourself to someone else’s readership, you are naturally going to get more readers to your own blog.

Secondly, it will help build your authority if you are writing under your own name. Check out our blog on EAT for more info.

Don’t worry about helping the competition. Sharing is caring when it comes to digital marketing.

5) Optimise it

dog wearing glasses for blog by GrowTraffic on how to get readers to your blog To really get high volumes of readers to your blog it needs to rank in Google.

The holy grail is getting the featured snippet-the immediate answer to a question in Google.

And to get that you need to optimise your blog.

That means making sure you have a keyword in the:

    • H tags
    • Alt text
    • Page title
    • Meta description
    • Tags

Check out our visual guide to optimising blogs here.


Need Help Getting Readers?

So, there you go! 5 easy ways to get readers to your blog.

There are other ways to improve the readership but if you consistently do these five things you will see your readership increase.

If you would like some help, we have loads of ways you can get in touch with us.

You can also come on our Better Blogging course, which will teach you all you need to know about writing compelling copy.

See you next time.

Hannah x


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