5 ways to sell your offer on social media

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5 Ways To Sell Your Offer On Social Media

Selling…it’s become a bit of a dirty word on social media, hasn’t it. Every business owner tries to engage with their audience in the hope they will buy something but many are scared to go right in there with posts that are too ‘salesy’.

The good news is you absolutely CAN directly post about what you offer…it’s just about striking a balance between building a relationship and selling your wares.

Once you do start to post your offers on social media, you also want to do it in the right way. Here are five techniques to sell your offer on social media.

5 Of The Best Ways To Sell On Social Media

  1. Problem, Solution, Offer

Remember, when using this technique you need to emphasise that you understand your customer’s problem. Equally, you should spend time explaining the solution to their problem. Your offer should only come in at the end – the focus is on your understanding of problem and solution. It’s just a happy coincidence you also have an offer available. Wink wink.

  1. Client Success

If you solve a problem for a customer with something you offer, you need to show potential customers how you can do the same for them! When you have success with a client, share the story on social media, of course, you mention what service or product helped them but put the emphasis on the problem-solving element of the transaction.

  1. Provide Value For Nothing

Like freebie samples at the supermarket, give away a little bit of what you do for absolutely nothing. Providing customers with a ‘taster’ of what you can do for them is a great way to get them coming back for more. Just ensure your freebie is ‘tasty’ enough to be a freebie and provides value to your customer.

  1. Ask Questions

Rather than posting an offer or product as a post, try getting customers to identify their problem by asking them questions. Of course, once they have identified their problem, you will be ready to reply to them with your offer. People are more open to buying when they have identified a problem themselves.

  1. Explain Thoroughly

There is nothing wrong with posting a good old-fashioned offer so long as you take the time to explain it to your customers. Why did you create the product/service? Who is it for? How does it work? What will it help your customer achieve? Why is your solution different to competitors? Customers need to see you get what they do or want.

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