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7 Psychological Triggers That Will Boost Conversions and Sales

Generating views and sales is the number one goal of most marketers. Getting prospects to visit your website and make purchases is a difficult task. There are lots of competitors out there which offer products of similar quality and standing out can seem like it’s impossible. Luckily, there are ways you can influence users to stay on your website. Applying psychology to your marketing tactics can lead to some interesting results.

1. Arouse Curiosity

Curiosity can be a very powerful motivator both online and offline. When a new store opens up in town, you’re obviously going to want to check it out. At the very least, the novelty of it is going to pique your interest. This applies to online stores as well. The difference is that you need to point out that your store is new in town. Never reveal too much of your plans, people like having a little mystery in their lives.

Vaguely hinting at new product releases and merchandise will motivate people to take a look at your site. When you don’t have any expectations, any good things you find will be considered even better. In some cases, less marketing really does lead to better results. On the other hand, you could just consider it a cleverer version of more marketing.

2. Take Care Of Objections

When people browse retail stores, they always have some doubts lingering in their mind. They might ask themselves some important questions before they decide to buy an item. Will I be able to afford this? Why should I even get this if I can find it elsewhere? Why is the price so high? A lot of these questions are justified in the eyes of the prospect. It’s your job to answer them in a way that will let them know it’s ok to purchase the product. If you’re particularly clever, you’ll answer those questions before anyone even asks them.

All of these objections make prospects feel like they shouldn’t buy your product. A couple of reassuring messages on your website could mean the difference between making a sale and walking away empty handed. Quality design in your website text will further motivate users. Use it to explain why your product is worth purchasing before they even have the time to ask themselves any questions.

3. Create A Sense Of Urgency

Sometimes the best way to get people to buy your product is to make them feel like it’s an urgent matter. If you only have a limited number of products available, it’s going to make potential customers feel like they should act quickly before they run out. Even if they don’t really need the item, knowing that it might become unavailable will be a great motivator to get in on the deal.

Discounts are a great way to apply this method. Create a juicy offer that is difficult to refuse. Just make sure it’s obvious that it’s only available for a certain amount of time. If you keep the timeframe of availability vague enough, it might increase the sense of urgency. If you don’t know how long the deal will last, that could mean the deal could already be gone tomorrow. Flash sales and holiday sales are especially popular times to create a feeling of artificial urgency.

4. Make Prospects Feel Valued

Just about everyone likes to feel appreciated every once in a while. It’s one of the six basic human needs that need to be satisfied. Not everyone gets enough of this kind of positive attention in their everyday activities. If you’re able to make your prospect feel valued while they’re shopping online, they’re going to react positively and enjoy your products a lot more.

There are a lot of ways you can help make your potential consumers feel valued. Start with some excellent customer service. If their problems are tended to immediately, prospects will feel like they’re the priority of the company.

Coupons and freebies are another trick you can try. You can elicit a positive response with users before they even make a single purchase. This will motivate them to continue with their search on your website.

5. Social Proof

While consumers might not be willing to admit it, the actions of others heavily influence them. Humans are social creatures, after all. If the majority likes something, it probably has some kind of good quality that makes it worth buying. You can’t know the quality of every single brand in the world. When you’re trying to buy something specific, you’re going to look to others for advice and guidance.

Social media is one of the many ways a brand can get its message across without it seeming fake. Users are more than happy to share their opinion on the various social media platforms. If your product has good reviews and people are praising it, you’re going to attract a heap of customers. All you have to do is divert attention towards these good reviews on your website and users will flock towards your products.

6. Build Brand Value

Ask any marketer and they will tell you that having a strong brand is the most important aspect of marketing. Every single step you take toward strengthening your brand will positively influence users.

There are hundreds of ways to make your brand stick out. A lot of Australian businesses try to win over search engines like Google. Being the first business listed when local users look for something can be an enormous advantage. Unfortunately, it’s not an easy task. Google uses complex algorithms to determine what gets on the front page. In order to take advantage of this, a lot of businesses enlist the help of a Sydney SEO agency to get them ahead of competitors on search rankings.

Once you’ve strengthened your brand, users will naturally pick you over other businesses simply because your brand is more familiar.

7. Use Honesty To Your Advantage

It might seem like a common sense tactic, but honesty can be a lot more effective than you think. A lot of businesses try to avoid being completely honest about their products. Some tidbits of information might not be worth sharing with your customers.

However, research shows that being completely honest can swing opinion in your favor. If you’re open about the various pro’s and con’s surrounding your products, users will take note. It’s already implied that a lot of companies avoid telling the whole truth and marketing often features descriptions of absolutely perfect products. This brings out the pessimist in anyone that is looking to buy the product.

If your company is brutally honest with the bad sides of your own products, users will feel reassured and they will appreciate it. Nothing in the world is perfect and users aren’t fooled by fake descriptions, which is why honesty can be pretty refreshing.


Increasing conversions and sales can seem like a daunting task, but there are lots of new and innovative ways you can get your message across to consumers. Experienced marketers and website designers have been using psychology for a while now and it’s proving to be very effective. If you follow some of these pointers, your website will very likely see a large increase in conversions after some time has passed.

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