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8 Business Blogging Examples for Inspiration

We love business blogging! Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but we’re really keen on blogs here at GrowTraffic. Blogging is a key element in most of our content marketing strategies, and our expert team of content writers are busy most days creating inspiring, creative, engaging blogs for our clients.

If we aren’t already blogging for our clients, we strongly encourage them to do so, and help them out with content strategies. Blogging helps your business in multiple ways but one of my favourite reasons is the educational element. Even if your business is in a crowded industry, blogging allows you to let customers know about your unique perspective on things and gets your voice heard.

Absolutely any business that has a website can, and should, start a blog – from shoe shops to double glazing, a great business blog could see you boost web traffic, convert more customers, and gain new fans.

Best Business Blogs

Below are 8 business blogging examples. I’ve put this list together to demonstrate that companies of all sizes, from a range of industries can create interesting content to engage with their audience. If you plan on starting your own business blog but then find yourself sitting staring at a blank screen wondering what the hell to do…keep reading.  


I can’t start this list without mentioning HubSpot. HubSpot led the way in content marketing…by content marketing. By publishing genuinely helpful, lengthy, guides and articles for marketers, HubSpot is to this day, still one of the leaders when it comes to providing free resources people actually want.


SalonsDirect Blog is a great example of a business that knows its target audience. SalonsDirect sells beauty supplies to professionals so their blog features advice on products, and beauty/hair salon marketing, and they also feature their customers too in salon reviews.


For a newish business in a super crowded market, Lick has really set itself apart and part of this is their blog. Lick sell paint – yep house paint! But, with their cool branding which is carried over to the blog and masses of inspiration for home interior enthusiasts, Lick is a step in front of other paint companies.

a screen shot from the Lick blog

The Private Clinic

A plastic surgery blog? Why, yes…The Private Clinic fulfils basic questions people have through their blog – questions people may have when they are in the early stages of deciding on having a procedure. For example, ‘Can I get a mole removed on the NHS?’.

Rayden Solicitors

This is a good example of how businesses you may not see as being ‘bloggers’ can use content really effectively. Rayden Solicitors have a blog packed full of really practical advice for families and a lot of their content answers quote specific questions people may have.


We’re going back to another large business now – e-Commerce giant, Etsy, keep its ‘handcrafted’ aesthetic by calling its blog a journal. Their blog offers inspiration for shoppers but also offers advice for business owners using their platform and helps keep their customers busy by promoting them through blog content.

British Veterinary Association

This blog is an ideal example of how you can establish further authority using blog content. As stated by the British Veterinary Association, they want vets’ voices to be heard and their expertise taken seriously. That’s why their blog is full of expert advice on animal care, right from the mouths of veterinarians.


Yes…I’m featuring our blog! You may wonder why, as a content marketing agency, we give away all our trade secrets through our blog? The answer is simple – we offer advice and expertise through regular content because we know marketers and business owners can’t do it all. So hopefully, when they are ready to outsource, they remember that super helpful lovely little digital agency whose blogs they read!

Ready To Start Blogging For Business?  

There you have it, a few good examples of business blogs to help get you started with your own blog.

If you find yourself struggling to come up with a good strategy, understand how SEO fits in with blogging, or even think of topics to write about, contact us for advice.

We also offer bespoke better blogging training courses if you produce content in-house and want to up your game! Get in touch for more information.

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