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A Beginner’s Guide to Promoting Apple Search Ads

Apple search ads are a way of promoting certain app listings that come up when a customer is browsing on the Apple App Store.

If these consumers are not physically searching for a particular app by its title, they are then looking for something that will help them with an issue.

So, showing them an app that does everything they are looking for will improve how everything runs and how purchases are made in the future.

Benefits of Apple Search Ads

At the same time, these Apple Search Ads have many different advantages.

The Apple Search Ads that take place solely focus on what goes on in the Apple Store and how these advertisements are run.

A survey has shown that iOS customers tend to spend extra money on apps in the app store and on app purchases than any android users and viewers would.

Two Types of Apple Search Ads

Apple Search Ads have two different levels of access, and these are; basic and advanced.

Apple Search Ads: Basic

 This is meant for beginners and people who only have a small budget for advertising. Essential is a generic platform with not that many steps included. Therefore, it is easy to set up and launch in no time.

The downside to this type of search ad is that there are no keyword targeting options that you can control. You are also limited to the number of apps that you can have on your one account.

Apple Search Ads: Advanced

 This is a more advanced version of the search ads. Advanced search ads have more features that have been included, but essential is a lot more user friendly as this one is more complicated.

Upgraded ads can focus on the advertisements you have based on the matches that have been found, the keywords you are using, general information, what item they are using, and where they are located.

Why are Apple Search Ads Effective?

Apple Ads are effective as instead of displaying your regular ad campaign to a bigger audience, and it mainly focuses on the people looking for an app like yours that runs the same way yours does.

Also, these search ads can offer you a very safe user experience. Search ads cater to those standards that apple stands by. They ensure that only ads are shown on their devices from items and products that they are currently looking at or have a passion for.

How do Apple Ads Work?

The big first step is to ensure that your search ads can be matched with a query that they currently have to find the information that it needs to link to other campaigns and target an audience similar to yours.

Apple Search Ads Rankings

Apple search ads currently rank 4th in the index. However, if we take a closer look at iPhone and iOS users only, the Apple Search Ads will rank 2nd, which is just right behind Facebook at 1st place.

Overall, Apple and its search ads have significantly grown by 34% in-app installations compared to the previous index and other apps.

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How to Set Up an Apple Search Ads Account and Launch Your Campaign?

Setting up your own Apple Search Ad account is relatively straightforward; you will just need your Apple ID login and then select which browser and way you want this to be shown, for example, your laptop or mobile device.

A Beginner’s Guide to Promoting Apple Search Ads

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