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A (Belated) Networking Update


Well I’ve been a very busy little bee over the past couple of weeks, so much so that I haven’t even found time to pen a little GrowTraffic blog post; my clients have had loads but the GT world has been woefully neglected. Fortunately, Simon Dalley’s been stepping in to fill the blogging void, so I think we’ll probably survive, however it’s about time I started to pull my blogging weight so here’s a quick little post to keep you going. 


Valley at Work


As I mentioned a few weeks ago, GrowTraffic recently started to attend our local networking group – Valley at Work – which is made up of loads of very lovely business people from around the Rossendale Valley. GrowTraffic is new to this area, having moved to Bacup in 2012 from our previous spiritual home of Chorley(!), however everyone at the networking group – especially the chairman Rob Carder and his good lady wife, Val – has been incredibly warm and welcoming towards us and we couldn’t be more grateful. Thanks to everyone, we’re sorry it took us so long to venture out into our local business community but we’re very glad now that we did!


Missing A Speaker


At the first of the monthly networking events that Simon and I attended, I offered to give a talk on behalf of GrowTraffic and, unfortunately for Valley at Work, their speaker for 6th May’s meeting was unable to attend, so they asked me to fill the gap and give a talk about something online marketing orientated (see blog post GrowTraffic To Speak). After consulting with Rob, we decided that a talk on content marketing would be useful to the group and, as I already had the basis of a suitable PowerPoint presentation, we went with that idea.


The Talk


With approximately 30 minutes to fill, I drew up a presentation aimed at giving small to medium businesses some useful and practical tips to help them maximise their online presence by making use of content marketing, explaining what content marketing is, how it should be approached, how often it needs to be done and then when and where to publicise it.


I also touched upon the ways that local businesses can maximise the potential of social media and the recent developments in local search to build an online persona, backed up by content marketing, which will help them to grow their online presence and connect with their customers.


Unfortunately, that’s actually a massive subject and it was probably a little bit adventurous to try and fit it in all into one 30 minute presentation. I fear that what I actually delivered was a rather disconnected and rambling talk that was incorrectly pitched (not knowing the group well, it was difficult to gauge their level of knowledge about digital marketing); certainly Simon Dalley was unimpressed with the result, although there’s nothing new there!



Rossendale Computer Tuition


In fact, I had agreed in advance of the meeting that I would share the platform with Rick Puller from Rossendale Computer Tuition, another local business, which dovetails nicely with the work that GrowTraffic carries out.


As a Freelance SEO Consultancy, GrowTraffic’s preferred method of working is to give businesses the tools that they need to carry out their own successful online marketing campaign, once we have set the campaign in motion, rather than to do the whole thing for them. Rick’s area of expertise is in practically showing people how to use their computers and he is not only a funny and engaging teacher but he also has a vast knowledge about the best software packages, platforms or websites that people should or could use.


As such, Rick is expertly placed to go into businesses and sit down with the staff to show them practically how to do all the various elements required for a successful online marketing campaign; in essence, he can pick up where GrowTraffic leaves off and I imagine that we will be able to work together quite a lot in the future.


An Apology


Anyway, after my rambling speech about how to produce content marketing for a small business, I fully intended to hand over to Rick so that he could give a few pointers on how best to make use of social media to publicise the magnificent content and a few other useful hints etc. but, as I went on for far too long, we didn’t have time in the end, so I am very sorry Rick!


Fortunately, Rob very kindly promised Rick the speaker’s slot at the next Valley at Work meeting, which will be held on Wednesday 10th June 2015. I very much look forward to hearing what Rick has to say, as he’s already given me a few really helpful tips that will make my life easier.


Get In Touch


If you would like any further information about the talk that I gave then please do get in touch with me and I will happily send you a copy of the PowerPoint presentation along with my accompanying notes. What’s more, if you’re a business local to the Rossendale area, then I’m also happy to pass on any further details that you may want or need about the Valley at Work networking group or the wonderful work that Rossendale Computer Tuition carries out.


Additionally, if you are a small to medium business who would like some practical help to grow your online presence, or if you’re looking for a speaker (not necessarily me!) then please drop me an email at and we’ll sort you out.


That’s it for now, thanks all.

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