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A History Of Google Updates

Google is forever updating, and sometimes, it’s tough to keep on top of it! This infographic highlights a timeline of the biggest updates in Google’s history. If you’re interested in the history of Google updates, you’re in the right place!

A History of Google Updates - infographic

A History Of Google Updates

Our Timeline Of The Biggies

2000 – Google introduced the plugin, originally intended for Internet Explorer, Google Browser Toolbar. This was regarded as Google’s first ‘baby step’ toward browser ownership.

2005 – Google merged its map data with the Local Business Centre to change the game for local SEO.

2005 – Big Daddy. Cue the crazy update names from now on. Big Daddy was more of an infrastructure update than anything else, but it revolutionised how Google deals with technical issues such as redirections and URL canonicalization.

2007 – Google introduced Universal Search, amalgamating News, Images and Videos with traditional search results, transforming SERP listings.

2011 – Panda. Panda updates have been coming thick and fast since it was initially rolled out in 2011. Panda is arguably one the biggest updates in Google history, clamping down on quality issues.

2012 – Like Panda, another animal has continued to take Google by storm since its launch in 2012, Penguin. Penguin was once known as the ‘Webspam Update’, so, you guessed it, it focused on spam factors in search results.

2013 – Hummingbird was another major core update for Google that developed the Knowledge Graph and understood semantic search, meaning ‘conversational search’ was enabled.

2014 – Take a guess at the next animal… go on… Pigeon. Pigeon completely changed SEO efforts. By creating a closer link between local search results and global search results, searchers began to get more personalised results for their queries.

2022 – Helpful Content Update – The Helpful Content Update clamped down on exactly what it says on the tin, helpful content. Since this major update, websites with unique, relevant and ‘people first’ content are prioritised in the SERPs.

2024 – Edging to the present day. In very recent months, Google has introduced AI overview, replacing Search Generative Experience. Love or hate AI, people have found some really interesting AI overview responses

Understanding The History Of Google Updates With GrowTraffic

There is a really long history of Google updates, that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon!

If you would like to learn more about the history of Google updates, what we think is to come and what this might mean for you, feel free to reach out to a member of the GrowTraffic team today.

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