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The New Bacup Market: A New Chapter Begins In Bacup With The Temple Court Development

Here at GrowTraffic, we’re passionate about creating significant impacts – and not just online – but also in the very communities we’re part of. That’s why it’s a pleasure to share the latest developments concerning Bacup, a project that’s very close to our hearts and one that aligns with our goal to nurture individuals, businesses and vibrant local economies.

As the chair of the Bacup 2040 Board, I’m excited to say we’re on the brink of a transformative journey with the council’s approval of the ambitious £8.3 million redevelopment plan for Bacup Market – or Temple Court to give it its traditional name – and Union Street. This venture is set to rejuvenate Bacup town centre, marrying modernity with the town’s cherished heritage in a way that promises to reinvigorate Bacup’s spirit.

Inside-The-Market-Hall Bacup

At the heart of Temple Court will be an innovative two-storey, brand-spanking new market hall building, designed to be bustling with life. The ground floor will be a treasure trove of local produce, crafts and a varied array of food and drink – where market days and events will come to lives -and where visitors will be encouraged to relax and enjoy the surroundings, both during the day and into the evening. The upper floor will introduce a cycle hub and makers’ spaces, championing creativity and discovery, which resonates deeply with GrowTraffic’s ethos of innovation, as well as community advancement.


Being in the centre of Bacup, we’re next to no distance from Lee Quarry and the Valley of Stone Cycleway. We also see loads of cyclists heading through the town, some of whom stop off on their way. The cycle hub is set to be a central attraction, offering services such as retail, repairs and bike hire. This not only encourages people from outside the area to explore the the amazing rural landscape around the Rossendale Valley, but it also strengthens our community’s connection to our beautiful surroundings.


The journey to develop Temple Court has been one of collaboration. I’ve been involved with the Bacup 2040 Board for over 4 ½ years and the Temple Court development is the biggest single redevelopment project in the Bacup 2040 Masterplan. The new scheme is based on the feedback from the community and the hard work of the council alongside the expertise of many parties, including that of Market Curators and the architects, Frank Whittle Partnership. It’s this collective and collaborative vision that ensures Temple Court will not only meet our community’s needs but will also beautifully complement Bacup’s historical fabric, all whilst emphasising environmental sustainability.

As I look forward to the completion of Bacup’s new market hall in Spring 2026, I imagine a dynamic venue alive with events, from pop-up stalls and specialist markets to live performances, alongside our traditional outdoor market. This transformation signals a move towards a more interconnected and lively Bacup and I can’t wait to see it realised.


Additionally, the proposed changes to Union Street – giving precedence to pedestrians and enabling businesses to expand their offerings onto the paved areas outside their premises – complement and mirror the broader commitment to crafting a forward-looking Bacup that prioritises the well-being of its residents.

New Market Hall Bacup Public Plaza

This project exemplifies the incredible outcomes that can be achieved, blending respect for the town’s history with a bold vision for the future. Being involved in steering such transformative initiatives reflects my own, and indeed GrowTraffic’s dedication to community development and highlights the critical role local engagement plays in shaping the future of our towns and the lives of the people who use them.


The search is now on for a Managing Operator to realise the vision for Temple Court once it’s built. This crucial step towards realising Bacup’s potential hugely excites and inspires me. I am eager to witness the positive changes I am confident this development promises for the town of Bacup.

Helping with the reimagining of Bacup mirrors GrowTraffic’s wider objectives – to foster sustainable, community-led, local growth that enriches communities and enhances organisations of all kinds. 

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