Elaine has wanted to write since creating children’s books and poems for her brother at the age of 11, however, she never thought it a career in writing would ever become a reality.

Elaine Hutchinson
Elaine Hutchinson

During a somewhat varied career, which has predominantly been in sales and customer service roles, Elaine’s creative streak has mostly been kept hidden and under wraps…until now.

However, Elaine didn’t leave sales and simply start writing; she never does things the easy way. Instead, Elaine decided to go back to university as a mature student, gaining a distinction in a Foundation Degree studying Community Leadership.

The course has definitely changed Elaine’s life for the better and having studied modules such as Youth Led Regeneration, Community Leadership, Mentoring and Volunteering in the EU, and having been to Italy to help with the refugee crisis and to the EU Parliament in Brussels, Elaine now feels that writing is definitely her way of making a positive difference to people’s lives.

“It’s an amazing twist of fate that I found Grow Traffic,” said Elaine, “a commercial company whose ethics and ideologies at heart are that of my own; social justice, fairness, honesty and integrity…oh, and a similar long-established ability to work hard and play harder!”

When Elaine is not writing for GrowTraffic, she does have a passion for the great outdoors. You will often find her in the garden with her chickens, rabbits and cats, walking with her dog, Alfie, or off to a festival with her daughter, Blythe.

And like the rest of the team, Elaine has a healthy interest in politics and music; “I’m a bit of a Six Music geek” she said (rhyming off all the presenters and their schedules) “so being able to write and have Six Music on in the background is pretty much Heaven!”.

And never one to miss a challenge, Elaine has been finishing her BA with a top-up year. “I like to keep busy I guess…” she said with a smile and a shrug, putting on her wellies for the umpteenth time.