Meet Elicia

Elicia is the GrowTraffic Head Of Content


A Bit About Elicia

Prior to joining GrowTraffic, Elicia gained digital and content strategy experience in marketing roles for several niche businesses within the software and tech industries.

She has considerable experience implementing and rolling out CRM and marketing software solutions and managing lead generation.

A lover of every type of visual media, Elicia herself is an accomplished copywriter and loves all things design and branding. She has worked on a variety of projects in the past, including video production, surveys and infographics, large events and published industry articles.

Elicia is incredibly dynamic and can turn her hand to anything.

Curious And Creative

Never one to be conventional, Elicia didn’t do marketing the traditional way and after lots of deciding what she wanted to do with her career, she started studying marketing in her spare time whilst working as an account manager at a laboratory. She made the leap to marketing ten years ago when Elicia convinced her boss to let her cover a colleagues maternity leave.The rest they say, is history.

Elicia lives in Rotherham with her partner who she’s been with since they were teenagers, their cat Merlin and Percy the snake.

Curious and creative, Elicia is always looking for something new to do and has tried everything from blogging about nail art to roller derby! Her longer lasting interests are music, horror films, politics and nature.



0161 706 0012