Meet Hannah Weinhold

Hannah is the Commercial Director of GrowTraffic 


A Bit About Hannah 

Having had a varied career, Hannah has an unusual range of abilities and knowledge. She has also honed the ability to quickly learn new skills. 


She was a novice to SEO and web development when she joined GrowTraffic but has quickly learned the ropes. This allows her to simply explain SEO processes and techniques to clients. Her background as a teacher in Further Education make her perfectly placed to deliver SEO training to others. 


Hannah takes charge of the commercial aspects of the business, but she also manages our larger projects. Her Prince2 experience means she can efficiently and effectively deal with large scale projects, from concept to completion. 


She has done extensive business process mapping, business blueprinting and service proposition planning. Al this has made her adept at streamlining processes and service offerings so they maximise profits whilst delivering on objectives. Hannah regularly offers business consultation services as part of her GrowTraffic work. 


A Lancashire native, Hannah moved to Sheffield when she went to university and has never gone home. 

Committed To South Yorkshire 

Hannah has spent a lot of time working in Rotherham and the surrounding areas. As a result, she is committed to helping businesses of South Yorkshire grow and flourish, especially in Rotherham.  

She is on the Board of Trustees at Target Housing, a social landlord and national charity that provides safe and quality housing to the most vulnerable in society. She is also a Vice Chair of Governors at a school for those with pronounced learning difficulties in Rotherham. 

Hannah lives on the outskirts of Rotherham with her husband, daughter, and various animals. 

Ultimately, Hannah loves helping people. If she can help you to grow your business, she will. 

If you would like to speak to Hannah about anything to do with SEO, business growth, process mapping, web development, or anything else you can think of, please get in touch. 




07850 556 244 

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