Meet Madison

Madison is GrowTraffic’s Content Marketing Executive


A Bit About Madison

Madison has always had a love for writing. As a child their poor memory meant they had to write everything down and a spark was ignited. Scribbled notes became paragraphs and paragraphs became essays and then the essays were trimmed down to succinct blog posts because no one has time for a whole essay.

Madison graduated from The University of Salford with one of the most coveted degrees in all of academia, a degree in comedy writing. This along with their background in stand-up comedy and improv naturally led them to work for GrowTraffic, a place where they could finally use their powers for good.

Madison Pearson Content Marketing Executive Colour

Swears Like A Wookie

Bizarrely optimistic and excited about everything, Madison is a bottomless pit of fun facts, pub quiz knowledge, and pop culture trivia. They just love sinking their teeth into a new subject that they can write passionately about.

Madison is a huge Sci-Fi nerd and can often be found cradling their stuffed Porg like a baby, making Lightsaber noises with their mouth and accidentally using made up Star Wars swearwords instead of real ones.


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