Meet Rachel

GrowTraffic's MD


A Bit About Rachel

Rachel is a Director of GrowTraffic, Lancashire and Yorkshire’s finest digital marketing consultancy! Even if we do say so ourselves.


With a degree in English and a background as a freelance copywriter, Rachel was the natural choice to head up GrowTraffic whilst our founder continued to work in corporate marketing management roles.

And what a success she's made of it! Rachel put all her efforts in to growing GrowTraffic over the past 5 years, and is now proud to see it becoming the blossoming agency it is.


Now with multiple members of the team based over multiple locations, GrowTraffic is able to offer the dedicated and targeted online marketing campaign your business needs to grow online.


We’ve done it to ourselves, so we can do it to your business too! As an SEO copywriter by trade, Rachel's area of speciality is in words; She can write the words you need to make sure your website soars up the rankings, whether they be on the front or the back end of your website.  

MD, Rachel Weinhold of GrowTraffic

Once An SEO Copywriter

As a freelance SEO copywriter, Rachel spent many years writing on a huge variety of subjects, ranging from health insurance to washing machines. Hence, she has a vast reservoir of useless knowledge on random subjects! 

Rachel finds that her background has helped her enormously in her role at GrowTraffic. Good copy is now the cornerstone of good SEO, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our exceptional copy.

The other benefit of Rachel's background is that, as she doesn’t actually come from the bizarre and secretive world of SEO, she can cut through the jargon and tell you in plain English what you need to do to your website to improve it. 

No dark arts or black magic, just good, solid advice and practical help. 

When Rachel isn't whipping us all into shape, she is out playing with her horses or spending time with her husband and son. 

If you’d like to get in touch to speak to Rachel about anything to do with GrowTraffic – or horses – then please do! 


Rachel is usually out and about networking around Bacup and the surrounding community, so why not come along to one of the groups and spread the word about your business at the same time?

You can usually find her at Bacup Business Association (of which she is the Chair), Valley at Work, BoB Clubs or Spark Networking. 



07495 181 007 

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