Our Mission Statement 

GrowTraffic operates with honesty, integrity and transparency. These core values guide us in delivering measurable, targeted results to grow your business.

Honesty, Integrity, Transparency 


We will tell you if we don’t think something will work, if there is a cheaper, better, or faster way to do something, or if we aren’t the company for you.


We would never continue on with a tactic that is not working and keep taking your money regardless.  


We act with integrity at all times. We passionately advocate for your business, we avoid conflict of interests, and we do not engage in underhand tactics to win business or rankings. 


We understand that things change in business, so we don’t trap people in long contracts and never charge for what you haven’t had.   


Our pricing is clear and easy to understand. We provide thoroughly detailed quotes and there are no hidden charges. 


We do have packages to choose from, but we are flexible, and they can be tweaked up and down to suit and budget and requirements.  

We have three core values that drive everything we do. 

These are honestyintegrity, and transparency

The GT Team

Rachel Weinhold and Simon Dalley from GrowTraffic with Kidult & Co
SEO Consultant - Simon Dalley
GrowTraffic winning award
The GrowTraffic team
Rachel and Hannah Weinhold from GrowTraffic
GrowTraffic Team Out And About

SEO Consultants With A Conscience 

Our Core Values

Here at GrowTraffic we pride ourselves on being SEO consultants who care about your business. Our commitment is evidential. 


From the first contact with us, you will notice we take the time to listen to and address your concerns and requirements. If we can help, we will. If we can't, we will tell you. But we’ve never failed yet! 


We were sick and tired of hearing about unscrupulous SEO agents who promise higher rankings, more traffic, and better conversions and then don’t deliver. We hear time and again about so called ‘SEO experts’ using outdated or even counterproductive tactics in an attempt to win your confidence and your cash. 


So we decided to set up an SEO agency that doesn’t lie and cheat. One that doesn’t take the money and give nothing in return, and doesn’t do irreparable damage to the client’s businesses and finances. 


We know how much hard work goes in to building and maintaining a business, so we don’t do anything that could damage yours. 


Our core values are the life force of GrowTraffic and guide every decision we make.   


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