Rachel Weinhold


Hi, my name’s Rachel and I’m a Freelance Copywriter based in Bacup, Lancashire. Whatever your copywriting needs, whether it be a regular blog post or quality copy for your website, I can help you achieve your goals.

I work closely with Simon Dalley to create the kind of copy your website needs to get it to the top of the rankings. I can write regular blog posts for your business to provide your website with regularly updated content or I can provide a complete re-write of your website’s content to ensure detailed and interesting copy that will entice visitors to your site and help build those all important links.

Working from home, I have complete flexibility about my working hours so can be available at any time that suits the customer. I am always available during standard office hours but I can also be contacted in the evenings or during the weekends should clients require a more flexible approach. This means that I can easily work around full diaries, prior engagements or can accommodate different time zones.

I am happy to converse with clients via email, Skype or telephone but can also arrange face to face meetings if required. I find it crucial to work closely with clients to ensure that the work produced reflects the client’s needs and is a true projection of their business. I am happy to liaise closely with clients and with third parties independently to create a collaborative body of work that is both interesting and functional.


Freelance SEO Copywriter

As a freelance copywriter I have written on many varied subjects in the past and am always keen to tackle new projects. Having previously covered a range of subjects in my writing, I have a wealth of knowledge that I can often apply to my work. I love learning and researching unfamiliar subjects though, so will happily take on any business or sector, even if I have not written on it in the past. Clients can be satisfied in the knowledge that my research will be thorough and my writing will be informed and knowledgeable.

What’s more, with an English degree under my belt and years of experience in a variety of writing styles, I can guarantee that my copy will be well written with correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. I can also tailor the tone and style of the writing to suit the needs of individual clients.


Contact Me

All in all, I am confident that I can provide you with a top class copywriting service so, if you would like any further information, or want to discuss your copywriting requirements, then please either phone me on 07495 181007, email me at rachelweinhold@msn.com or use the contact form to get in touch.

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