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CV of Simon Dalley

I’ve worked as the Head of Search Marketing at one of the North West’s premier design agencies; 2am Media and for three years after that I headed up the marketing at Skiddle, the UK’s premier online events guide & ticket sales website being rated in the top 6 by Experian Hitwise, now I work as Group Marketing Manager of OBAS Group.

By night I’m a freelance search marketer as a freelance seo, freelance ppc and freelance copywriter. To give you a bit of understanding about me and what I’m all about here’s my back ground:

Who has Simon worked with?

I’ve got years of experience as a creative marketer, working with market leading brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Renault, Citroen, Peugeot, Nissan, DAF Trucks, Car Craft, We Buy Any Car, Baines and Ernst (and the Paymex Group), Donnington Park, Haydock Park, Henley’s Clothing, UKFast, umi Hotels to name but a few.

Simon’s Background in Marketing

My career started back in 2003 working for a creative, data marketing and research agency, this formed the foundation for my love of statistics and questioning techniques and is the basis for the methodological approach I use when attempting to understand a client’s target market and search potential.

Copywriting and Content

Whilst in this role I took on the responsibility of developing a national monthly publication, managing the day to day running, press sourcing, advertising sales, events organising as well as article writing. It was at this point that a copywriting and content based path in marketing became a destiny.

During this period I also dealt with clients and designers to create targeted ad campaigns, including direct mails, emails marketing campaigns and display advertising campaigns. Later these skills would be put to use liasing with clients when managing the development of software and website solutions.


Within the first few years of my career, online advertising techniques such as pay-per-click began to overtake the old cost-per-thousand model and in 2005 I began to operate in this area on behalf of clients, this then led to the other search marketing world of SEO and the rest is history.

Personal Life of a Search Marketing and Finding Strategist

I’m married to Rachel with a young son called Leon, I’m super passionate for all things internet marketing and it flows into everything I do, and you’ll be lucky to hear me talking about anything else – even over a beer!

If you like what you’ve read and you’d like me to work with your projects then get in touch.