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How Do I Add An Image To My Google Knowledge Panel?

Are you looking to add or change the featured image on your business’ Google knowledge panel? Find out how in this blog, where we outline what the Google Knowledge Panel is, how you can claim and how it can benefit you!

What Is Google’s Knowledge Panel?

You might not realise it, but you already know what it is. In fact, you probably use it regularly! Google’s knowledge panel is the box that appears to the right of Google’s search results when you search for a specific company, brand or person.

The information and features within the knowledge will change depending on whether it is a brand, person or local business. The knowledge panel features also differ depending on whether the knowledge panel has been claimed and edited on behalf of the business or person.

For example, when I googled “growtraffic rossendale”, the knowledge panel for GrowTraffic features a link to the website, a link to Google maps with directions to the company address, a link to the contact details and an option to save the website.

It also includes images, business hours, contact details, reviews, a snippet of information about GrowTraffic, and links to social media channels. As it is a local business, this information will have been taken from GrowTraffic’s Google My Business account.

GrowTraffic google knowledge panel

When I googled “mcdonalds”, the Google knowledge panel, features images and information directly from the Wikipedia page. It also features other information about the brand, such as the date it was founded, current stock price, number of locations and the name of the current CEO.

And when I googled Beyonce (all hail Queen B), the knowledge panel features images and links to the several platforms that stream Beyonce’s music. It also includes information from Wikipedia as well as links to her various albums and songs.

Google knowledge panel

How Do I Claim My Business’ Knowledge Panel?

If you don’t claim your business’ knowledge panel, it will display the information Google classifies as appropriate for the search user. This may actually turn out OK.

But if you get the chance, you are best off claiming the panel. If you have a local business, you should have a Google My Business account.

This way you can ensure the knowledge panel includes the information your potential customers and clients will be searching for, such as your opening hours and contact details.

To do this, simply search for your company in Google search. If a knowledge panel appears, scroll down and click the “Claim This Knowledge Panel” or “Own This Business?” button.

You will then have to go through some basic steps to get verification, such as logging into your Google search console account. Once verified, you can then suggest edits to the knowledge panel. Find out more about claiming or editing your business’ knowledge panel here.

How Do I Add An Image To My Google Knowledge Panel?

If you want to change the image that displays on your knowledge panel, click “Suggest a change” as described above. Then right-click on the image you’d like and click “copy image address” before providing Google with the direct image URL.

Alternatively, you can ‘Update Your Featured Image’ in Google My Business.

Google’s image requirements are as follows:

  • Format: Your image URL must end in .jpg or .png
  • Size: Use an image with a 3:4 aspect ratio that’s at least 1,000 pixels.
  • People: If the knowledge panel is for a person, their face should be clearly visible in the image.
  • Logos: Use .PNG or .SVG file formats.

It is worth noting that the featured image may change depending on the search query. Google is always trying to provide the user with the information that best matches their search query. So, even if you have set a featured image, Google may change the image depending on the query of the search user.

What Are The Benefits Of Updating My Google Knowledge Panel?

The Google Knowledge panel is awesome! It is the first thing a search user sees when they are making a search query about your business or brand. And it leads to clicks, website visits and brand awareness.

If you have a local business, it’s crucial that you have a regularly updated Google My Business account. This will ensure your key information and correct details are displayed when someone searches for your brand or business.

This helpful information will speed up the process and (hopefully!) help the search user find exactly what they are looking for.

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