A few years after I started working in SEO, and after years of trawling through the search engine results I found a piece of software that I’ve been using regularly ever since.

Advanced Web Ranking is one of those pieces of SEO software that I as an SEO Consultant could not live without. I’d recommend it not only to those people working in the industry, but also to anyone that owns a website.

What is Advanced Web Ranking Software?

Advanced Web Ranking Software has a massive range of features that will suit both a business with a single site, a smaller search marketing consultancy such as GrowTraffic, as well as a large SEO agency that works with clients all over the world and in a number of different sectors.

The software is mainly a way to check your rankings in the search engines for a pre-defined set of keywords. You choose (or your friendly search marketer chooses) the keywords and this allows you to then benchmark your website’s performance in the different search engine’s results, across a wide selection of different search engines (which again the user chooses – in fact they probably have the most comprehensive search engine list out there! ). This means you not only get to find out how well your website is performing in the markets you target for the keywords you target, it also means you can find out how your website is performing for a number of different keywords throughout the world.

It gets better because we all know you can’t check your own site in isolation. So with this software, you can also review how your nearest competitors are performing, this will give you an insight not only into how you are performing relative to them, it will also give you a heads up if they are doing something out of the ordinary or if the search engines have made a significant change to the search engine results pages that impact on how people have been marketing in your sector.

Versions of Advanced Web Ranking Software

There are a number of different options when purchasing Advanced Web Ranking Software and these mainly depend on your requirements. If you are a single website business the entry level application would be fine. If you’re an SEO Agency you might need to go for something a bit more substantial. The different options range from Professional, Standard, Enterprise and Server Version (in my time I’ve used all of them).

Once you’ve chosen the version that best suits your business’ requirements, you’re probably going to need a bit of time to get used to the array of options you have at hand. It’s been hard enough keeping up with the advances made to the software over the years, however, once you’ve spent a little bit of time playing around with the different options, you’ll be surprised about how soon you’ll feel as though you’re in a familiar setting. Don’t forget if you get stuck anywhere along the way there is a big PDF user guide to refer to and you can always give us a call if you need any further help!

Version 8.xx vs Version 7.xx

A while back AWR underwent a bit of a facelift – fortunately for me they’ve still been letting me use the old version, however, I’m starting to get used to their new version. Other people that use the software who I’ve spoken with love the new version – I’m going to have to start using it as I’m sure it’s much more powerful!





I’ve been using Advanced Web Ranking software for about 4 years now (since my days at UKFast) and I wouldn’t keep going back to them year after year if I didn’t believe it was one of the best pieces of seo software out there. I just wouldn’t fork out for it if I didn’t believe in it (I’m tight like that!). I’ve seen people scratch their heads a bit when they first start using it, however after a while, they are soon up and running and love it!

Search is changing, ranking isn’t the number one key performance indicator that it once was. There are arguments to say that with the rise of personalisation of search results, a websites rankings will become less import – well these days are still quite a way away. What’s more, with the decline of search queries being displayed in Google Analytics, rankings may once again become a more important element of the SEO process. As such, a piece of ranking software is key to any SEOs arsenal, Advanced Web Ranking from Caphyon Ltd has certainly been a central element to mine.


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