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Is Agency Training Better Than In-House Training?

Staff training is good for business, but is in-house training better than using an agency? Whether they are learning how to carry out their jobs better, learning how to stay safe, or learning a new skill, such as SEO, training improves the experience of employees.

But how does it do this?

How Does Training Benefit Staff and Employers?

There is a common misconception that training staff gives the opportunity to leave the business once they are fully qualified, on your dime.

But, as this article points out, people tend to move on from a job if they are looking for growth opportunities. By providing growth and development opportunities in-house, you are giving the employee a reason to stay and be loyal to your business.

Staff training boosts the morale of the workforce, and can demonstrate your commitment to, and willingness to invest in, them.

Not only that, but it can give your business a competitive edge by having personnel who are highly skilled in your specific field. Technology and business theory never stands still, so why should your employee’s capabilities?

But what is the best way to train your staff? Is it through an agency or doing it in-house?

two people leaning over notes and a computer doing in-house trainingBenefits of Training Staff In-House

The apprenticeship levy has taken a huge chunk out most training budgets, and a lot of companies are now resorting to training their employees in-house.

Peer to peer training is an excellent way of stretching out a Training and Development budget without compromising on quality.

Often, internal staff are the best people to advise more junior colleagues on their area of expertise, particularly in niche industries.

Or, conversely, newly qualified staff or graduates might be able to update longstanding colleagues on new processes, theories and technologies.

When it comes to training in-house, it is most productive to assume that every staff member has an area of expertise that they can upskill their colleagues in. A solid skills audit and appraisal process can help you identify these areas.

The beauty of training in-house is that staff are being trained by people for whom the sector specific knowledge is ingrained, and the ways in which it can be applied in the business are understood.

Plus, as every teacher knows, having people re-teach their information to someone else makes the knowledge stick in the brain better and become applicable to real life scenarios. It deepens their understanding of a topic.

This could be useful if, for example, you are upskilling a specific team member in something like GDPR. Having them prepare and disseminate a session on it to colleagues will deepen their understanding of GDPR.

However, this is not always a good thing, as how do we know that what they are telling us correct, or delivered in a way that will actually help your colleagues learn?


Benefits of Using an Agency for Staff Training

We have all been victims of ‘death by PowerPoint’. That rookie mistake that bad trainers, and non-trainers make where they read AT you from a wordy PowerPoint presentation. Its boring and no one learns anything.

By using a skilled training agency with experienced trainers, you can make sure that the material your staff are being given is presented in a way that will appea to every person in the room.

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A skilled trainer knows that everyone learns differently and will be able adapt the learning material to suit all the people in the room.

Sure, agency training costs more upfront than in house training, but if no one is learning from in house training, it has a much higher cost in the long run.

Another benefit of using a specialist training agency is that they will often have more up to date knowledge than internal staff on specific business support topics.

For example, here at GrowTraffic we offer SEO training, which is an activity we spend our lives doing. Our knowledge of SEO is up to date and vast, even if we do say so ourselves!

So by training on SEO with us, for example, you are getting current knowledge without having one of your staff spending hours and hours researching best practice, putting it into a training session, and disseminating it.

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Bespoke Agency Training

One of the drawbacks of using an off the shelf training course for your team is that it is not tailored to their working practice, and is often difficult to embed what they have learned into their job and the wider business.

The third option, and solution to this, is having a bespoke training course developed and delivered for you.

And it isn’t as expensive as you might think, and many companies, such as GrowTraffic, will include the cost of development in the training fee.

By doing this, you can tell a trainer what your desired outcomes are and let them get on with putting together an effective training course.

Design Your Course Today!

If you are considering investing in some SEO training for your team, get in touch with us for our best quote.

We offer in-house and public training courses that are fully tailorable to your staff’s level of knowledge and will take into account your business processes.

And the best bit about using GrowTraffic is we use qualified teachers and experienced trainers to deliver the course, so you can be sure your staff are going to come away equipped with the skills to grow your business online.

Prices start from as little as £60!

Fill out our contact form here or email info@growtraffic.co.uk and we will get straight back to you.

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