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AMP Validation Tool and Search Console Now Recognise Web Stories

Google announced yesterday that their AMP Validation Tool received an update – it will now validate the Web Story format and the Search Console Performance report will recognize if your AMP document is a Web Story.

“Starting today, our testing tools will recognize if your AMP document is a Web Story. In our testing tools and Performance report we’ll use the term Web Story to identify this format.”Google Webmasters.

Wait, What Are Web Stories?

Become increasingly popular, Web Stories are a storytelling format, designed to immerse browsers in a visual, full screen, tap through experience. Basically just another way to consume content in bitesize snippets.

Often called ‘snackable content’ (I honestly love that term!), this easily digestible content captures attention quickly and conveys messaging in just a few minutes. You can read more about the ins and outs of snackable content in this brilliant blog by Sonakshi Babbar

Web Stories appear in Google Search results, Images, Discover (US only) and the Google app. Web Stories can appear as a single result, the example below shows what Web Stories look like in Images.

web story screen shot

How Do You Create A Web Story?

First of all, you need to create a Web Story (the actual content/story), using AMP. In the Google developer guide for Web Stories, you can find guidance on how to create a good story, including how long your story should be, title lengths, text etc.

The process is pretty simple for content creators, especially those who are already experienced creating similar visual content for platforms like Instagram (stories) or Snapchat.

So What Does The Update Mean?

Google’s Web Story validator helps creators establish if their Web Stories are valid and help troubleshoot content issues – try the validation tool here. The update now means the term ‘Web Story’ is being used on the validation tool and will also appear in your Google Search Console, Performance report – enabling you to accurately view how much traffic is from a Web Story.

In a nutshell, Web Stories are now officially called Web Stories across tools and Search Console.

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