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Anchor Text Variability & Diversity Best Practices for SEO & Link Building

Knowing the various sorts of anchor text is a useful concept when your website gains backlinks. If only so you can make sure that those backlinks have healthy amounts of anchor text diversity. Backlinks are crucial for a website’s potential to rank in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), especially if you’re concerned about SEO.

Which is why knowing about the variability and diversity of anchor text is so important. Because not many people are fully aware how the anchor text of backlinks has a big impact on your site’s SEO performance.

That’s why we’re going to give you the run-down on anything and everything you need to know about anchor text practices for SEO.

What is Anchor Text?

Any text you have that displays as a hyperlink is classed as anchor text. They can either be external links, taking you to someone else’s website, or internal links that direct to other pages on your own website.

Why Anchor Text Diversity is Important

According to Moz, a crucial factor in determining the value of a link is the anchor text. Anchor text is a key factor that Google considers when determining the subject matter of web content.

When there are links to your website coming from external websites, they don’t look similar because they won’t all link in the same way. Therefore, a greater variety of anchor text is advantageous to your backlink profile. When it comes to Google crawlers, not only will it appear more natural but more organic, too.

If every one of your backlinks has keyword-rich anchors or anchor text that’s the same, it can appear as manipulative. Long-term SEO performance may suffer if Google believes that your website is attempting to use dubious means to unnaturally boost its results.

And since you typically have little control over how other sites link to your content, keeping track of l something like anchor text in your backlink profile can be difficult. Especially as there’s all these other, more easily controllable things.

So What Influence Does Anchor Text Have on Search Engine Rankings?

The likelihood that a page will rank for a set of keywords will increase if similar keywords are used to describe the same page by multiple websites. External anchor text is used by search engines to determine the subject matter of your page.

And when they rank your website, they’ll take into account the domain authority of the website linking to yours. In general, a website’s authority determines how valuable a link is. Higher domain authority equals more credibility and reliability. It shows that the content on your site is relevant and helpful to visitors, and it can be trusted.

Good SEO Practices for Backlink Anchor Text

We’ll take some time to go over some good SEO practices for using anchor text when building links. Targeting anchor texts can help you create backlink profiles that are natural when they’re done properly.

A Mix of Long-Tail Keywords

Exact match anchors can be used with long-tail keywords without running the danger of raising Penguin’s suspicion.

For instance, the term ‘seo software’ can be used as varied long-tail keywords like user-friendly seo software or best new seo software. With numerous pages using similar anchor text to hyperlink to your web page, the more chance that page will rank for those keywords.

Less risk and more variety in your anchor text is a strategy which enables you to target exact match anchors through fresh links.

Check Out Your Competitors

Always check the competition. There’s usually a trick or two you can learn from them to better your own practices. You can gain some insight into prospective link-building objectives by seeing which anchor text types have benefitted your competitors.

Plus, you can analyse their anchor text ratios in regard to type of anchor text. And seeing the websites from which they’re receiving links can provide you with more data for your link-building strategy.

Synonyms and Relevant Keywords

There really are more possibilities in selecting target keywords now that our search engines can look at backlink anchor text and contextualise the terms around them. Something that improves potential when it comes to appearing in query results.

Consequently, using synonyms, LSI terms, and relevant keywords in your own anchor text when building links is a good strategy. Great for avoiding over-optimisation whilst creating more diversity on the anchor text.

Take Aways

Overall, adding more variation to your anchor text can help your SEO significantly. Similar to how backlinks attest to the reputation of your site, anchor text tells Google the truth about the content of your website.

Google values the feedback since it is a neutral third party that the anchor text is chosen by. A good link-building effort would emphasise diversified, strategic anchor text in addition to high-domain authority websites.

Grow Traffic

SEO is the foundation of all digital marketing strategies. These strategies will be effective in increasing the exposure of your business whilst attracting targeted traffic.

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