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And Now We’ve Got Pigeons Too?

OK, I know I’m a little bit slow on the uptake here but, to be honest, I would have left a post on this subject until I knew a little more about it, but the man in charge said “write a blog post about Pigeon” and so writing a blog post about Pigeon I am! (Please feel free to rearrange those words into a grammatically correct sentence).

What’s the Pigeon Update?

It’s a bit of a weird one this, because Pigeon is the name that Search Engine Land has actually given this update, rather than the name assigned by Google. So far, Google have been typically silent on the issue, although they have admitted, in a brief report, to having made algorithmic changes.

Thus, on 24th July 2014, a change was detected and the shift was seismic enough to get SEO land talking and, perhaps more significantly, to warrant another zoological moniker.

So How Do We Know Google Pigeon Happened?

Pretty much in the same way that we initially pick up on any of Google’s fiddling in the dark; because people using Google have noticed a sudden change in search results and webmasters have noticed a change in their search rankings, resulting in tongues frantically wagging.

And What Exactly Has Happened?

This latest update has focussed on local search and is said to be an attempt to improve distance and location parameters to return more relevant results. According to Google, it is an attempt to make local search mimic more closely traditional organic search results.

Admittedly, this update is reportedly for US English searches, but it will be interesting to see if UK English searches are affected. Certainly, US businesses have noticed a change to their rankings from local searches, with some benefitting and, obviously, some losing, sometimes by quite a lot.

So far, the results, movements and conclusions are still being noted and recorded, proving perhaps that this update was not as significant as some of Google’s other recent algorithm twiddlings, but watch this space and I’ll give you an update once we have a clearer picture.

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