I’ve met a load of designers in my time as an internet marketer, I’ve steered them in most cases to get from them what I want, however I think it’s fair to say every now and then you come accross someone that you want to take a step back from and say “there you go, do what you got to do”. That’s trust, trust in their abilities and their understanding, I’ve come to realise recently how important this can be in getting a fantastic web design and not just a mediocre web design.

Also, it’s all in the method. I’ve been brought up in the school of SEO, it’s fair to say that SEO has been changing for a while, however in that time it’s definitely had an impact on the way web designers do their designing. Don’t expect a print designer to sit down and design you a website and get it right first time, they won’t, this is a completely different medium. Take for example the concept of the fold on screen – most print designers will probably try to keep everything on one page – fair enough this is what they are used to – but the scrolling public are used to a much more interactice layout, I think I read somewhere that about 90% of all internet users will scroll.

Once you’ve found a good web designer you want to stick to them like glue, you’ll probably also want to stick with a local web designer so you go and bash them on the head a bit to get the type of work you want from them. Also, you normally don’t give your secrets away in this game but on this occassion I want to share with you an absolute gem. If you’re looking for web design in Blackpool then look no further than Fan Boy Creative.

Redesign GrowTraffic?

Sometimes I think I should, then I think: “you know what, my SEO and PPC management speaks for itself, I’m not going to try to pretend that I’m a web designer”.

If anyone out there gets back and tells me to redesign then I may just consider it, however as for now I think I’m going to leave it as it is.

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